How to Create the Most Wonderful Memories from Your Love Party

Lifestyle by  Mashum Mollah 31 March 2021

Wonderful Memories from Your Love Party

It may have been a few years since you started getting serious with your partner. However, at some point in time, either you or your partner may have strong opinions about not getting married, ever.

Nowadays, it is becoming more apparent that marriage is not the only way to honor and celebrate love. Couples have now started to perceive a wedding as something which is not just about money, looks, and grandeur. It should be about celebrating love and the people in love.

And the only way to do this is by hosting a killer love party instead of a traditional wedding. Love party is so different from weddings that all you can do here is create endless and joyful memories.

No God, No Government –Only Love:

When a ceremony involves paperwork and government, it naturally brings in a sense of anxiousness and exasperation. Every couple who married the traditional way would have felt this. A prime example is Ross accidentally saying Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s during their wedding vows in the TV series Friends.

Love party does not involve signing any paperwork and sending it to the government. You only sign a certificate to make your relationship official. With the party going on the whole day and even night, you will have all the time in the world to throw caution to the wind and make memories with your friends.

Yet, after the party, you will feel that strong connection only newly married people talk about. It is not the marriage ceremony that did it; it was more likely the loved ones, the event itself, the music, singing, and more which gave you beautiful memories and a stronger bond.

Flaunt Your Favorite Dress:

You do not have to wear only whites to your love party. You can let out that big sigh of relief. Why spend hours shopping for that perfect wedding dress, with a long train, a veil, a corset, and whatnot for your big day? Especially when you invest so much effort to wear it only for a day, for a few hours, before it gets into a permanent place in your wardrobe.

You can say goodbye to endless hours of fittings, trial runs, and unsatisfied looks from your relatives if you plan for a love party instead of a traditional wedding. Does your partner want to wear a dinner suit to the party? Nobody can say no to that. Do you want to flaunt your favorite magenta-colored dress? You can do whatever you want to.

Go all out, wearing your comfortable dress, be your comfortable self, and have the time of your life at the party with your loved ones.

Plan a Night Party:

Plan a Night Party

Just as the name suggests, a love party is a bash that is not bound by any legalities or traditions. How good is a party if it does not go past midnight?

Many couples spend their wedding night sleeping away in their hotel rooms. But if you plan a love party, you can even start the day late evening or night and party past midnight with your friends and families.

Sounds like a fun Saturday night? Making memories is all that matters, and a love party with good food, music, even games will make it a one-of-a-kind event that you will never forget.

Marriage is nothing but celebrating love. A love party at a suitable venue with your loved ones and a talented photographer in the mix will make it a true progressive affair filled with tons of beautiful memories.

Treat Your Friends & Loved Ones:

When it is a wedding, the limelight always seems to shine on the bride and groom. No matter how much effort the couple’s loved ones invest in the ceremony, they are always sidetracked because it is the “Big Day,” and the day is supposed to be about the bride and groom.

But with a love party, you get a chance to treat your friends and other loved ones for everything that they have done for you all these years. The love party can be a small way of showing how much you love them.

Prepare their favorite foods; treat them with their favorite drink, music, and everything they like. Make it a day of gratefulness and endless fun. At a love party, you can celebrate love in any form, without any restrictions whatsoever.

Falling in love is a rare thing. Similarly, celebrating it in the right way is a rare thing too. Planning for a love party? Call up the best DJs, caterers, and photographers to make beautiful memories and host a great get-together.

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