5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day at Home

Lifestyleby Mashum Mollah23 February 2021

Valentine’s Day at Home

The most romantic time of the year is here again when love and passion fill the air. We’re talking of course about Valentine’s day, the perfect day to share our hearts with that special someone. Although current times are calling for us to stay home, that doesn’t mean romance should fizzle along with plans that we hoped could have been.

Instead, embrace being home as the perfect destination for the holiday’s most romantic location! Let these charming tips be a guide that will help your heart lead the way to what is sure to be a cherished Valentine’s day.

Tip 1: Prepare a Special Meal

Prepare a Special Meal

As the old saying goes, “the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach”. Use this Valentine’s day as the quintessential opportunity to not order in dinner but to cook a special meal from your heart. What better way is there to show your devotion to your beloved than taking the time to give them a personalized restaurant experience at home.

There’s no need to be a chef in the kitchen to make a dish that will delight both of your taste buds because the most romantic and easy to prepare protein can be delivered right to your home. That’s right, you can order fresh Maine lobster to your front door! Afterall, fresh is always best.

Whether you keep it simple or put your heart into a skill-testing recipe, lobster is a delicious choice that is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Tip 2: Make a Playlist

Make a Playlist

Let passion fill the air by creating a romantic playlist to set the mood for the evening. Compile a list of songs that you both love to listen to, and make it extra special by including all the songs that remind you of your sweetheart. That will certainly make your darling’s heart skip a beat.

To ensure there’s enough music to play through to Valentine’s night, you can finish off the playlist with the Top 50 Love Songs of All Time just to be safe.

Tip 3: Dress Up

Dress Up

For anyone that made the New Year resolution not to wear sweats or pajamas all day, this is your chance to see that promise through! Make Valentine’s day the perfect excuse to put on your favorite outfit to show your beloved how they bring out the best in you.

Tip 4: Let Candles Light the Way

Let Candles Light the Way

Whether your romantic Valentine’s day at home is a surprise or knowingly anticipated, nothing says romance like having candles lead the way to the table where dinner awaits. Ask your sweetheart to wait in a room where they can’t sneak a peek and place candles to make a pathway for them to follow.

For easy clean-up and to prevent any flame-induced incidents, use tea lights or electric candles.

Tip 5: Decorate the Table

Decorate the Table

Turn the backdrop of your meal into a romantic sight by decorating the table intimately for two. Let your creativity lead the way with the help of decorations like rose petals, a centerpiece, and of course fancy place settings.

Follow these tips and guarantee the perfect Valentine’s day at home with your sweetheart!

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