Pick Up These 5 New Skills By Downloading Videos From YouTube Using oDownloader

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Before we get to the point of downloading YouTube videos using oDownloader, let us ask ourselves some important questions-

  • Are you stuck at home because of the Coronavirus lockdown?
  • Do you want to try a new skill or pick a new hobby during your home quarantine?
  • Have you tried using YouTube to do the same?
  • Is there a way by which you can download all lessons in one go without being dependent on the internet?

If you have been asking yourself any of these questions, you are in luck. In this article, we are going to help you pick five new skills by downloading videos from YouTube to MP3 using oDownloader. 

What is oDownloader?

oDownloader is a revolutionary free software, which helps your download videos from YouTube. In addition to YouTube, you can also download videos from other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well. 

If you think that the video quality is going to suffer, you are mistaken. oDownloader helps you download videos in both MP$ and MP3 formats. We are talking about high-resolution videos in 1080P, 4K HD, and 720P. 

Using oDownloader is so easy that anyone can do it. All you need to do is download the oDownloader Chrome Extension and enter the URL of the video you need to download. 

Press enter, and voila, your video starts downloading. Watch it immediately or save it for later. The choice is yours. In the next section, we look at five skills, which you can pick up while home quarantined. 

5 Top Skills to pick up during the Coronavirus Lockdown: The List

  • Cooking-

Everyone wants to learn about the art of cooking. Perhaps you were secretly harboring ambitions of wooing your partner over a romantic candlelight dinner. With oDownloader, you can download all your favorite cooking and recipe videos and start executing your plans. Italian, Indian Chinese, take your pick people.  In most cases, it is found that cooking can refresh your mind and can make you feel refreshed at the time of a pandemic.       

Do not lock yourself in this lockdown learn something new from your end to have the pleasure. You  need to spend some time with your families.

  • Dancing-

I know that eight out of my ten friends want to learn different dance forms. Why not download dancing videos, learn ‘Cha Cha’ and burn some calories in the process.  sweat! This will help you step up your dating game once the lockdown ends. Learning how to dance will always hold you in good stead. Similarly, dance classes will also help you stay in shape, be fit, and sweat! Dancing revitalizes your mind and can increase the fitness level of your body to a great extent.

You can learn different dancing steps from Youtube in this lockdown. It can easily refresh your mood and mind to keep you fit and fine all the time. You need to think proactively in this case to get the best possible assistance of your physical activeness in this lockdown.

  • Exercise Regimens-

Is that beer belly been bothering you for a long time? Maybe this home quarantine is a blessing in disguise to help you get into shape. Download your favorite fitness videos using oDownloader and get into shape in your one-month quarantine. From celebrities to sportsmen, everyone is working out at home.  Yoga and exercises can increase the fitness level of your body when you are not going outside in the long run.    

Almost like your body your brain also requires nourishment. Yoga and mediation can provide that nourishment to your brain. You can watch different Youtube videos to provide nourishment to your brain and to gain peace of mind from your busy work schedule.

  • Train your Pet Dog-

All of us like seeing trained dogs doing smart things on YouTube. We have always wanted our pets to do the same. Sure, you are spending so much time with your furry friend during the quarantine. However, can you make it fun and productive for both you and your pet? Download all the pet training videos with oDownloader and create memorable videos with your pet.   

Training the pet dog is the thing that can refresh your mood in the best possible manner. Dogs are always considered as man’s best friend with whom you can spend some quality time to ensure less boredom from your end.

  • Learn a Musical Instrument-

In addition to dancing, most of us want to know how to play an instrument. However, our busy schedules and other commitments have not allowed us to pick up an instrument. This is the perfect time to learn a new musical instrument. Check YouTube for your favorite instructional videos and download the same using oDownloader. Guitar drums or piano, take your pick.   

Musical instruments can refresh your mind. It nourishes your neurons in the brain cells. In this pandemic, it is the best option that you can choose to spend your time in the leisure hours. The best thing about the musical instrument is that it can help you to deliver the right note of heart voice at the right point of time.


Most people are looking at this lockdown in depressing and negative ways. However, it is important to keep a positive attitude toward the crisis. This is a time to step back, re-evaluate your life, and improve yourself as a human being. 

This is also a time to dust the guitar lying in your storeroom and start playing it again. It is also a great time to help your mom in the kitchen by showing her your newfound cooking skills. You always wanted to make your dog a social media influencer, well why not teach him some cool tricks to garner millions of views and likes. 

Downloading YouTube videos and learning from them can be the surest way to do something productive during this lockdown. With oDownloader, you can realize all the above-mentioned five skills easily. 

Check out odownloader.com for more information. 

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