Long-Lasting and Durable: 6 Practical Maintenance Tips on How to Keep Truck Roll Up Doors in Good Condition

Automotiveby Mashum Mollah30 January 2020

Roll up doors

Roll up doors have become increasingly common on commercial trucks of many kinds. Durability, ease of access, and space savings frequently make roll up doors better suited to trucks than those that swing on hinges.

Of course, the way a roll up door gets treated will also impact the quality of the service it provides over time. When it comes to maintaining a truck’s roll up doors, keeping the following six tips in mind will always be helpful.

6 Practical Maintenance Tips on How to Keep Truck Roll Up Doors in Good Condition:

1. Start With High-Quality Doors

There are quite a few companies that now design and manufacture roll-up doors that are meant to be installed on trucks. Naturally enough, some of these products are of higher quality than others.

Making sure that a truck gets equipped with the best available roll up doors will always make subsequent maintenance easier. Simply by choosing Dynatect or another highly regarded brand, a truck’s owner can make future problems with roll up doors a lot less likely.

2. Keep Everything Clean

Almost any time mechanical systems are in motion, dirt, grit, and grime will pose dangers that need to be acknowledged and controlled. Keeping a truck-mounted, roll-up door and its surroundings clean at all times will rule out much of the wear the system would otherwise experience.

Cleaning is not always regarded as interesting, but its central importance to a worthwhile roll up door maintenance strategy needs to be acknowledged. In fact, cleaning should be regarded as the single most important of the maintenance-related duties; that are to be seen to most regularly.

3. Lubricate Regularly

When metal parts make contact with others, only proper lubrication can prevent problems like seizing and friction-induced wear. High-quality, roll up doors should always be designed for the ease and effectiveness of lubrication, but maintenance still needs to include appropriate attention to this important matter. A roll up door that goes too long without enough lubrication will experience vastly accelerated wear and become far more prone to failure.

4. Repair Even Minor Damage Right Away

Many roll up doors found on trucks end up accumulating plenty of dings, scratches, and other superficial signs of use. While such structurally insignificant problems can be safely overlooked, anything more serious should be addressed right away. Allowing a roll up door’s track to remain even a bit misshapen, for instance, is a recipe for trouble.

5. Use Both Your Eyes and Ears

Every maintenance session should include a thorough visual inspection of all of a roll up door’s components. It will always be just as productive, though, to listen closely to how a roll up door sounds when being operated.

That sometimes ends up being overlooked, especially when a noisy garage or other loud environment makes listening more difficult. Many door-related problems will be revealed most obviously by the audible symptoms they give rise to.

6. Don’t Forget to Tighten Fasteners

A well-designed, roll up door should include fasteners that stay torqued as intended for quite some time. Every so often, though, it will be wise to go over each of a roll up doors fasteners to make sure they are still tightened as specified. Even a bit of unnoticed loosening could otherwise leave an important door prone to developing more serious problems.

A Roll-Up Door to Rely On for a Long Time to Come

Keeping these six maintenance tips in mind should extend the lifespans of any truck’s roll up doors. More and more often, truck buyers and owners find that roll up doors suit their needs especially well. That will always be even more the case when strategic; effective maintenance keeps a vehicle’s roll up doors in great shape.

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