Upgrading Old School Land Cruisers For Offroad

Automotive by  Mony Shah 02 March 2024

Upgrading Old School Land Cruisers For Offroad

The Toyota Land Cruiser is an iconic offroad vehicle known for its durability, reliability, and go-anywhere capability. While even stock Land Cruisers can handle quite a bit of rough terrain, upgrading and modifying them can take their offroad performance to the next level. In this two-part article, we’ll look at some of the most effective upgrades for transforming classic Land Cruisers into highly capable overland and expedition vehicles.


One of the most important Land Cruiser upgrades for serious offroading is the suspension. Older solid-axle Land Cruisers can benefit enormously from adding stiffer springs, heavy-duty shocks, and suspension lifts. Stiffer springs prevent sagging under load which improves wheel travel and ground clearance.

Pairing stiff springs with top-quality adjustable shocks provides increased articulation and better control over rough terrain at higher speeds. A 2-3 inch suspension lift can further improve clearance for larger tires and prevent damaging bottom outs. Brands like Old Man Emu and Dobinsons offer bolt-on suspension lift kits that retain good on-road manners.


The drivetrain takes a beating during off-road driving. Upgrading components like differentials, axle shafts, and transfer cases can greatly improve durability and reliability. Air or electric locking differentials offer increased traction by distributing power evenly between both wheels.

Aftermarket axle shafts are available in heavier-duty chromoly steel instead of standard OEM cast shafts that can snap under extreme articulation. Manual or gear-driven transfer cases offer more control and ground clearance versus chain-driven ones as well.

Armor Protection 

Shielding the underside of a Land Cruiser prevents damage from obstacles like rocks, roots, and debris. Aftermarket skid plates made from thick steel or aluminum can be added to vulnerable areas like transfer cases, fuel tanks, differentials, and suspension components.

Rock sliders bolted to the frame rails protect the doors and rocker panels from side impacts while doubling as step bars. Front brush guards provide an attachment point for winches and lights while taking the brunt of frontal collisions from trail hazards. Added armor for 4×4 allows driving more aggressively knowing vital components are protected, check this out.

Wheels & Tires 

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the offroad performance of a Land Cruiser is bolting on more aggressive all-terrain or mud-terrain tires. Larger diameter wheels and tires combined with ample sidewall height increase ground clearance critical for clearing obstacles. Wider tires provide a bigger contact patch for traction and lateral stability.

Adding 1-2 inches of lift creates enough extra wheel well clearance for running 33-inch or even 35-inch tires. Just be mindful of re-gearing the differentials to account for the larger tire diameter to maintain proper drivetrain gear ratios and reduce strain.

Recovery Gear

 No amount of preparation can prevent getting stuck or damaged offroad. Carrying vehicle recovery gear enables self-extraction in remote areas. An electric or hydraulic winch capable of pulling the full vehicle weight greatly expands offroad capabilities and safety. Tree trunk protectors, shackles, and kinetic recovery ropes round out essential winching accessories.

A high-lift vehicle jack doubles as a winch anchor and can lift wheels vertically to place wood blocks underneath. Shovels allow for quick clearing of obstacle debris, as well as digging shallow ramps. And Maxtrax or traction boards provide temporary boosts to escape minor situations like muddy tire ruts before calling for a tow.

Additional Upgrades

 Further enhancements for overland Land Cruisers include onboard air compressors, water purification, rooftop tents, refrigerators, and long-range auxiliary fuel tanks. Bluetooth touchscreen stereos with navigation improve trail routing and connectivity. LED light bars mounted on the roof, hood, or bumpers dramatically increase nighttime visibility.

CB radios are worthwhile for communication in areas lacking cell service. Upgraded power systems with dual batteries + solar charging can provide enough juice to run accessories for days off the grid. With the right upgrades, classic Toyota Land Cruisers can truly go just about anywhere and handle even rigorous expedition-style travel.

Interior Upgrades

 While most Land Cruiser upgrades focus on the exterior, the interior also deserves some attention. After all, overlanding involves spending a lot of time inside the vehicle traveling over rough terrain. Upgrading the seats, adding sound deadening, and installing storage solutions can make long days on the trail more comfortable.

Replace the seats with suspension seats featuring travel-limiting straps that allow them to articulate independently with the vehicle over uneven terrain. This reduces driver and passenger fatigue. Add foam sound deadening in the rear cargo area which dampens road noise and rattles when loaded down with gear. Install locking storage drawers and cabinets to securely stow tools, recovery gear, and camping equipment so items don’t shift around the cargo area while driving.

Advanced Electronics

 Today’s overland vehicles feature cutting-edge electronics that would have seemed like science fiction just a couple of decades ago. Old-school Land Cruisers can also benefit from modern touchscreen computing. Install an iPad or tablet running software like Gaia GPS and navigation apps to enhance route planning and trip coordination. The tablet doubles as an entertainment hub for music, movies, and other content.

Add front and rear-facing camera systems to record or live-stream your off-road travels, as well as assist with spotting obstacles and gauging terrain. Integrate a Bluetooth OBDII module to monitor engine diagnostics like coolant temperature, vehicle speed, RPMs, intake air temperature, and other critical data while on the move. Modern electronics open up an array of enhanced capabilities for vintage 4x4s.

The Sky’s The Limit

 When it comes to modifying classic Land Cruisers for off-road duty, the possibilities are endless. Whether aiming for a budget overland rig or an ultra-equipped expedition vehicle, there are numerous upgrades available. Armoring the underbody, enhancing performance components, bolting on creature comforts—make it uniquely yours.

Some purists prefer keeping their Land Cruiser builds simple and old-school. But modern accessories don’t have to detract from the iconic style if integrated thoughtfully. Regardless of budget or intended adventure, these Toyota icons can be upgraded to handle even the toughest terrain in comfort and safety. The sky is the limit when customizing vintage Land Cruisers!

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