Best Ways To Cope With Recovery Dilemma

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Recovery Dilemma

Going to rehab is the beginning of the recovery journey. The recovery process is long, stressful, and overwhelming, and results in a recovery dilemma. Therefore, it’s best to change your habits, social circle, and thoughts. These skills will help you navigate the recovery journey and come out a victor.

Factors for Doing Away With A Recovery Dilemma-

1. Building A Strong Support Network

Once you quit substances, you should not associate with old friends. They will tempt you into addiction. Look for sober friends to help you recover and consult them when things get tough. This will help reduce stress and anxiety, which may lead to relapse.

2. Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

Physical activities promote mental and physical health. During exercise, the brain releases endorphins, a chemical that reduces stress and boosts your mood. You can start with simple exercises such as biking, running, walking, or swimming. You can join a gym later.

3. Avoid Triggers

Triggers can be places and people. You need to avoid friends who will pull you back into addiction. Similarly, avoid areas you usually hang out drinking to avoid relapse. Don’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise. Just know you are destined to live soberly. Keep hydrated, avoid anger and loneliness.

4. Stay Close To Your Family

Stay Close To Your Family

The family plays a vital role in both recoveries and dealing with a recovery dilemma. They offer financial, mental, and physical support. If you have a bad relationship, makeup to them and don’t give them a reason to doubt you. You can also attend family counseling with your loved ones.

5. Ask For Help

It is normal to experience loneliness, anxiety, and stress during recovery. If left unattended, these feelings can overwhelm you, leading to relapse. Don’t suffer in silence. Seek therapy and counseling at

6. Be Realist and Honest

Be Realist and Honest

People in addiction think others hate them and judge them for making wrong choices. That may not be true. If you are used to lying and manipulation, learn how to be honest. For instance, if you relapse, inform your family and get the necessary assistance. Keeping secrets will take you back to addiction.

7. Get A Hobby

If you don’t have a hobby yet, look for something you like, such as reading books, gardening, sewing, or cooking. You can gather more information online and learn new things to enrich your life and enhance recovery and cut recovery dilemma.

8. Join 12 –Step Meetings

Join 12 –Step Meetings

You can join support groups and spend time with people who understand addiction. You will learn a lot from testimony and experiences from others. Through such meetings, you will understand you are not alone.

9. Keep A Journal

Journaling helps to relieve stress, boost memory, and self-reflection. In addition, you can use journaling to keep track of your recovery progress and eliminate negative thoughts. If you find your entries fall on one issue, consult your therapist for guidance. You should also note down your experiences and feelings, and this will help you track your progress.

10. Appreciate Small Wins

Seeking rehab treatment shows that you still believe in yourself. There are so many people in addiction who’ve given up on life. Count each day as a blessing. Keep off negative thoughts and celebrate each milestone. Focus on recovery, even if you are not yet fully healed.

11. Learn To Relax

Learn To Relax

In most cases, people take drugs or substances to relax and calm anxiousness. Try to relax without any medication. This way, you will not have to use drugs whenever you want to calm your nerves. The common relaxation strategies are tai chi, meditation, yoga, and deep breathing.

Quitting substances and drugs is not recovery. There is a long process ahead to clear away drugs in your body. Learn skills and habits to make the healing process and dealing process with recovery dilemma easier and less challenging.

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