Long-Lasting LED Room Signs For Your Home

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A neon sign is an electric sign made from glass tubes containing electrodes and neon gas. Neon light signs help to add light and colors to a dark and dull space. People are using neon signs for homes, businesses, and events.

Restaurants, cafes, and bars use them for advertisement and decor purposes. You can also find various types of led room signs as the decoration of birthday and wedding celebrations. Nowadays, the use of LED neon signs is increasing.

People are using LED neon signs for homes. In this article, we will talk about LED room signs and the best place to buy them, so keep reading:

About LED Room Signs

About LED Room Signs

The neon LED room signs are in trend to use for homes. It helps to make your place attractive and shining. You can install a LED neon sign in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, kids room, and gaming room. 

The LED neon signs are secure to use for your house. These signs do not contain any poisonous gas. It is better than traditional neon signs built from glass. You can also afford a LED room sign easily. It charges less electricity and is eco-friendly.

Different types of designs are available for the neon sign for rooms. For example, you can have neon signs inspired by nature, fitness, love, quotes, movies, anime, etc. 

These signs are easy to hang or mount on the wall of your room as they come with acrylic backing. A LED neon sign will add a unique style to your home. So you should invest in a LED room sign for your home.

Custom Neon Light Signs For Room

Custom Neon Light Signs For Room

People love to use the led room signs made as per their choice. So custom neon signs are perfect for these people. In the customization, you can design a neon sign by using your creativity. You will have the option to choose any font, color, and size for a neon sign. Custom neon signs are affordable to use. So you can also customize a neon sign for your home. For example, you can make a neon sign of your name or your favorite thing.

You can make custom-made led room signs through the online neon sign shops. You can share your ideas with them and they will create a unique neon sign for your home. So you can also buy a custom neon sign for adding light and color to your home.

Neon Room Signs From Echo Neon

Neon Room Signs From Echo Neon

If you are looking for an online neon store where you can purchase premium quality neon signs, you are at the right place. We want to tell you about Echo Neon, a well-known online neon studio. They provide ready-made and neon signs made by order to the customers. 

LED lights with PVC tubing are used in the production of their signs. Here you can find various types of neon signs for your home. You can also give a custom order for your LED room sign. Through their unique customization tool, you can design a neon sign for your home.

Their led room signs are energy efficient and safe to use. You can also install their LED signs in your kid’s room. LED neon signs from Echo Neon are affordable to use. They have a long lifespan and require less maintenance. They are delivering premium quality neon signs worldwide.

5 Creative Ideas For LED Neon Lights For Rooms

Below you can check some best designs of led room signs for your rooms. You can find these signs at Echo Neon:

1. Parents And Baby Neon Sign

These are pretty beautiful led-room signs with a design of two loving parents with their infant. This neon sign is best to use in your child’s room. It shows the love of the parents with their child. Parents and baby neon signs are safe to use at home.

2. Yoga Neon Sign

This neon sign is perfect for fitness lovers. The yoga neon sign displays the image of a high lunge or crescent pose done on a blue mat. You can use these led room signs in your home gym or yoga studio.

3. Pillow Talk Neon Sign

It is a text-based neon sign that shows the words Pillow Talk in the blue color. Pillow Talk neon signs are best to use in your bedroom. You can also utilize it as a night lamp. It charges less energy and is safe to touch.

4. MOON Neon Sign

It is an attractive neon sign that has a shape of a crescent moon. You can use these led room signs in your living room or bedroom. Its bright white light will illuminate your space.

5. Palm Leaf Neon Sign

If you are a nature lover, then the Palm Leaf-shaped led room signs are best for you. It is a neon sign in the shape of a green leaf. You can use this neon sign around an outside porch or greenhouse.


The led room signs are a very innovative idea. But these are all-in-one ideas. When you are looking for the many decoration options, this is going to be your most creative one. After you use a single signboard on the wall, you do not have to use any decorations on your wall.

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