Transform Your Old Bathroom Into A Modern Shangri-La Spa

Home Improvement by  Barsha Bhattacharya 05 December 2023

Transform Your Old Bathroom Into A Modern Shangri-La Spa

At one time the bathroom was just a humble space where we took care of certain daily needs and occasionally admired ourselves in the mirror. Nowadays it’s not just the place we brush our teeth, take a shower, and read magazines, the bathroom has been elevated to a kind of personal spa, a sanctuary in the home where we can pamper ourselves with new self-care techniques whilst basking in the joys of modern luxury.

If your bathroom has begun to feel a bit humdrum to you, then maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade that will create the kind of luxurious experiences you crave. The best way to accomplish this is to engage the services of bathroom renovations in Sydney, their comfort and style expertise will help you transform your bathroom into your very own Shangri-la with a shower! To get you in the mood, we have compiled some of the cutting-edge features and high-tech innovations that can make your new bathroom so wonderful you will want to spend the whole day in there!

Soaking Tub – The Japanese have been doing this right for centuries, no more having to decide on whether to submerge your body’s top or bottom, now you can slip into the marvelous depths of a tub that can fit your entire self, head to toe under heavenly hot water. Some improvements to the traditional design have been made including hydrotherapy water jets that will wash away your aches and pains. Throw in some rejuvenating spa salts, light a scented candle, and you will be transported to a realm of bliss! 

Smart Toilets & Showers – No more fiddling around with the handles to get your shower temperature just right, it’s already pre-programmed so all you have to do is step into a stream that’s just perfect! Remember how cold that toilet seat can get on a winter night? Not a problem anymore with a heated toilet seat that gives you a warm and cosy place to relax and read that magazine while you do other things…

Walk-in Shower – Instead of having to step into a tub or over a low wall that is just waiting for you to stub your toe, this bathroom innovation allows you to simply walk in without having to contend with any obstacles. There are many options available, some partially enclosed with glass walls and some that are totally open! The entire bathroom is tiled so splashes do no harm, and the water drains safely away thanks to some carefully applied sloping so gravity does all the work.

Heated Flooring – Speaking of tiles, that icy cold bathroom floor is a thing of the past thanks to new below-the-floor radiant heaters that keep your bare feet toasty warm!

The Australian government is very interested in promoting home energy upgrades, they might help you save some money on your renovations. Now, enter your lush, modern bathroom oasis and enjoy some well-earned luxury!

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