10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Odor Free

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Neither we nor you want a stinky bathroom. What can be done to make the bathroom odor-free then? There are different reasons for your bathroom to be stinky. But don’t you always want a clean one with a fresh smell. Yes! We can understand. The stinky smell can freak anyone out.

Sometimes the smell can freak your nose out. So, what can be done to keep the bathroom odor-free? Let us walk you through the blog to help you know some of the ways!

Are you aware of why the bathroom might stink? It can be because of unclean use or some fungus accumulated. It can also be after someone might have used the bathroom as well.

Only you can know the reason, but these are the possible ones. There are plenty of ways to keep your bathroom odor-free. Here are 10 ways to make your bathroom odor-free:

1. Cleaning

Whenever you can, try to clean the bathroom. This is not because of some cleanliness freak. On the contrary, you should do it because your bathroom gathers dirt faster than any part of the house. Keeping it clean always can help you keep the foul smell away.

2. Checking of pipes or waterways

You can try changing your bathroom fittings. For example, maybe your bathroom is smelly because of the plumbing or something related. Call a plumber or cleaner to get to know the specific reason. You can also try Reece plumbing and bathroom supplies, for a change.

3. Keep a perfume pouch

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You will find small perfume pouches. These pouches help you keep the bathroom odor-free for a long time. The dates are mentioned in the pouches. Make sure that you place it in a place where the perfume smell can easily be spread in the entire bathroom.

4. Wet clothes or towel

Many of us forget to dry out the towel or clothes and keep it in the bathroom. When kept in a place where it cannot dry at all, this towel starts stinking. Make sure you take the wet clothes or towel with you every time you step out of the washroom. The smell could be due to these as well.

5. Ventilation

The bathroom is supposed to be a small space for most of you. So, the passage of air is also small. If air does not get to circulate, it could lead to suffocation.

That’s why whenever there is a foul smell, it gets stuck inside that small space. If the exhaust is there, turn it on or let the bathroom window open for some time. The circulation of air will help to make the bathroom odor-free.

6. Cleaning of drainage passage

When you use the bathroom regularly, the drains might get clogged. The smell might be coming from that passage. What can you do? You can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to unclog the drain and keep it clean. Keep using it monthly and see the results.

7. Aromatic candle

You can also try keeping some aromatic candles in the bathroom. You can get it customized or buy it from the supermarket. Different kinds of fragrances are available. You can choose according to your wish. These candles are a good way to have an odor-free bathroom.

8. Try placing scented herbal leaves

The herbal leaves will not only give you a getaway from the stinky smell but also give you an aesthetic bathroom look. So please place it in a place from where it can look pretty, and its smell can spread.

9. The trash bin should be clean

Don’t forget to take the trash out regularly and change the garbage bag every day. For a better odor, you can also put in some drops of essential oil.

10. Use of naphthalene

These balls can be kept in sinks or places that you think to attract fungus or insects. These balls not only kill those insects but also help in the prevention of bad odor.

Final thoughts

With this, we come to the end of our blog! Now you know what to do to keep the bathroom odor-free. Try these ways and let us know if it is successful or not. Some of these are something you may or may not have known. So, share with others who also want to keep their bathroom odor-free!

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