What Should You Know Before Buying An Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

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Upright Vacuum Cleaner

An upright cordless vacuum cleaner is a very useful piece of equipment. One might buy it both as a complement to a corded vacuum cleaner and as a main vacuum cleaner.

Before you decide to buy an upright cordless vacuum cleaner, you need to know that this equipment can offer, in addition to vacuuming, the function of mopping or mopping the floor and, importantly, can do these activities simultaneously.

Such 2-in-1 Equipment Is A Time-Saver And A Great Convenience.

The mopping function involves wiping the floor wet with a mopping pad or roller. Further, it might consist of extra moisture from the device. If the floor is dirty, ensure to remove and rise the overlay frequently. Furthermore, take care of it just as you would a classic mop. Such models are Philips, Tefal, Beko, and Hoover brands.

Vacuum cleaners with washing functions are models that clean the floor without changing/rinsing the brush or using additional accessories. The device comes with two containers – for clean and for dirty water. It always draws fresh water for cleaning, so the cleaned surface is hygienically refreshed. Collected dirt goes into the second container. The Bissell and Hizero brands offer such vacuum cleaners.

Different Designs Of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

A very important issue is the choice of vacuum cleaner design. You can choose from:

  • UPRIGHT- suitable for vacuuming only flat surfaces. Vacuum cleaners come with a universal brush for carpets and hard floors.
  • 2 IN 1 CLASSIC- An upright vacuum cleaner that you can turn into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Simply remove the handheld module to vacuum the inside of your car or crumbs from your couch. It has a self-standing design, so you can stop vacuuming at any time without having to hang it up on the wall.
  • WITH MOTOR AT THE HANDLE- allows you to clean from the floor to the ceiling. This is why people often refer to it as a 360-degree vacuum cleaner. By unplugging the electro-brush, you can easily pull cobwebs from the ceiling or reach into hard-to-reach places with the long tube. Most models do not have a self-standing design; interrupting or finishing your work, you have to hang it up to the base.

The Suction Power Of An Upright Vacuum Cleaner And Its Working Time

The suction power, in addition to the power of the motor, is very dependent on the design of the vacuum cleaner itself, the shape of the suction cup, and each component through which the air flows. Suction efficiency should be measured at the end of the suction tube, where power is converted into airflow.

This airflow transports dust from the nozzle to the container and is determined in what is known as air watts (W). The really good vacuum cleaners (with a cable!) are the ones that have a suction power of about 300-350 watts. Moreover, check how it is with the suction power of upright vacuum cleaners.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the suction power of upright vacuum cleaners, hardly any manufacturer states it!!! (there is no such requirement) Dyson has always given it. The suction power of these vacuum cleaners is from 150-220 W.

Suction power also appeared with the new Samsung Jet vacuum cleaners (suction power from 150 to 200W) and with Beko vacuum cleaners (from 22W to 165W). Buying an upright vacuum cleaner without knowing its suction power is a bit like buying a cat in a bag.

Loudness Of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Loudness Of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Unfortunately, the loudness of upright vacuum cleaners is not one of their advantages. Bagless vacuum cleaners are much louder than bagged vacuum cleaners due to their design. In addition to the design, there’s also the sound of the electric brush, and this makes most upright vacuum cleaners operate at around 80 dB.

If your priority is to have a quiet vacuum cleaner, then by far, the better option is to buy a bagged classic vacuum cleaner. The quietest classic bagged vacuum cleaner operates at a volume of 57 dB, and it does not even disturb the sleep of babies.

The Weight Of An Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The weight of a vacuum cleaner is especially important when buying a vacuum cleaner with the motor at the handle because its weight rests on your wrist, and after vacuuming for a long time, you may feel pain in your hand as if you had played a tennis match.

The weight of upright vacuum cleaners oscillates from 2 to almost 7 kg, so you can see for yourself that the differences are large.

Capacity Of The Dustbin

Dust bins vary in size depending on the model. If you have a large apartment, it is worth choosing a model with a larger dust bin capacity so that you can freely vacuum the entire apartment without having to empty the bin in the so-called “in-between” time. On the market, there are models of vacuum cleaners with dust containers with a capacity of 0.25 – 1.5 liters.

Solutions To Ensure The Comfort Of The Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • A very useful solution is the LED light on the electro-brush; thanks to it, you will see the most hidden specks of dust or hair. Very practical solution when vacuuming darkened areas. You will not miss anything anymore!
  • Another very practical solution is the self-cleaning electric brush. When you press a button on the brush of the vacuum cleaner, ‘knives’ slide out, which, as the brush roller rotates, cut the hair and hair and other dirt that winds up on it, and then the vacuum cleaner sucks them up. It’s a pity that this solution is only available on select Electrolux products.
  • Tall people should look for an upright vacuum cleaner with a telescopic tube so they can adjust the height to suit their height.

If there are additional accessories on the equipment of the vacuum cleaner – nozzles, adapters, then it is worth having them integrated into the vacuum cleaner housing or on a special holder or stand to have them always at hand.

Useful Accessories Of The Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Most upright vacuum cleaners come with a soft dusting nozzle and crevice tool, which are essential for vacuuming table crumbs, book dust, and baseboards.

If you have pets in your home, make sure the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a mini electric brush, which is great for cleaning upholstered furniture from hair. Such a mini electric brush is also ideal for vacuuming mattresses in beds.

Some Electrolux models have a unique anti-allergy brush, which is ideal for vacuuming bed mattresses and sofas. The brush, thanks to the use of silver ions or UV light, fights bacteria and allergens.

As for this large electric brush – that is, a brush with a rotating shaft driven by an electric motor, there are two types: a universal one, which is suitable for vacuuming both carpets and hard floors, and an electric brush with such a soft shaft (electrostatic bristles) and it works sensationally for cleaning hard floors!

From my observations, she does much better at picking up sand or hair than a universal brush, so if you don’t have carpets at home, she will be the perfect solution! There are quite a few models on the market that have both types of brush on the equipment!


What’s the use of a vacuum cleaner that can theoretically vacuum for an hour if it doesn’t collect much…Therefore, before you buy a vacuum cleaner whose suction power you don’t know, it’s worth testing it! In many stores, it is possible to do such a test on various surfaces, spreading dirt.

It is really worth it before spending a large amount of money! User reviews on the web are also invaluable, although they can sometimes be extremely different (as you can see, each of us has different requirements!).

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