Why Silk Rugs are expensive?

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Art has always found expression in different forms, be it paintings, poetry, music, or
architecture. One such form of art that has been extremely prominent in the Indian
subcontinent is the art of woven silk. Silk has endured the test of time with the
beautiful range of textile pieces that are woven out of it.
In the world of interiors and home decor, Silk rugs are one of the most luxurious and
lustrous pieces of creation that are born out of sheer craftsmanship. However, when
compared to other rug materials, Silk rugs are often more expensive and sought
But what makes a Silk rug so expensive? Let’s have a look at some of the key
factors that determine their price point.

1. The Material:
As regal and splendid as they look, Silk rugs are woven from a material that is quite
rare and difficult to obtain and hence command a higher price. The fiber is unraveled
from the cocoon of a silkworm, thereafter the strands are piled and spun to give rise
to the magical silk thread.
Silk being finer than wool is capable of being woven with more precision and
intricacy. But the delicacy of a material like silk makes it very challenging for the
artisans during the hand-weaving stage. The material itself is more expensive to
obtain than the top-quality wool, and weaving silk requires an even higher level of
expertise, all contributing to the price of a silk rug.

2. Knots per square inch:
A rug is a piece of art, and it’s the hard work of the artisans who bring the canvas to
life. Pure silk carpets are finely hand-knotted, that is they are woven with bare
human hands knot by knot on a loom. The price tag of a rug is thus determined by
the knots per square inch of the rug. Higher the knot density, greater is the time and
effort involved in creating it. Hand-knotted Silk Rugs involve much higher knots per
inch compared to rugs made from other materials, which is what gives Silk rugs a
plush and exquisite finish.

3. The Maintenance:
The lustrous quality of a Silk rug is prone to damage and requires delicate handling.
Reckless handling or use of abrasive cleaning agents would destroy the delicate
fiber and eventually affect its durability. Silk tends to lose almost 20% of its strength

when wet, making steam cleaning a little trickier. It is hence advised that Silk rugs
should be cleaned by professionals in order to maintain their lustre in the best
possible way.
The White Glove Service by Obeetee Carpets is your one-stop solution for your rug’s
regular maintenance. Reach out to them and book a free appointment with the white
glove crew.

4. Exclusivity:
It is undeniable that a Silk rug is one of the most lavish home décor accessory that
can bring an unmatchable elegance to your space. Crafted with perfection, Silk
carpets are admired for their distinctive sheen and exquisite appeal. The beauteous
look of a Silk rug is an investment that its audience chooses to make, and owners
often display them on the walls instead of the floor.
Silk rugs boast a historical relevance that goes long back in time. Silk carpets were
used by the King of Persia, the oldest known silk rug being the “Spring of khosrow”.
Whereas, Kashmir has always been a home to the finest of Silk carpets in India, the
origins of which can be traced back to the Mughal period.
A Silk Rug is thus, a symbol of unparalleled antiquity and luxury in modern homes,
which is what places them at a higher price point than other rugs in the market.

If you wish to adorn your home with the aesthetic charm of a Silk rug, then explore
the luxurious collection of Silk Rugs Online by Obeetee Carpets, India’s largest
handmade rug makers since 1920. Check out their website for a range of different
styles, look books, and exclusive designer collections, and find the perfect match for
your living space today.

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