5 Ways to Design Your Living Room with Style

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Design Your Living Room

Your living room is likely where you’ll spend a lot of your time at home, so why settle for an uncomfortable or unattractive atmosphere? While everyone has a different style, there are a few ways that each unique style can still create a comfortable, beautiful living room!

Paint the Walls

Paint the Walls

Don’t overlook the importance of painting your walls. If you own your home or have permission from the owners, painting the living room can be a way to bring it all together. The paint color can make all the difference for space. It can offset your furniture, emphasize the colors in your designs, and more. Choosing the right paint color can be a challenge, but once you match up the perfect hue it can tie the room together.

Remember to always choose your paint color last! Paint can be one of the most inexpensive parts of your design process, but repainting over a color you’ve moved on from can be a pain. Save time and money by deciding on the paint color last. It may help your room pop!

Invest in Rugs

Rugs are another simple way to tie a room together. No matter whether you have hardwood floors, carpet, or laminate, a rug can help make your space cozy and inviting. There is an endless selection of stylish rugs available through your interior designer, local retailers, and more. The importance of choosing the correct rug cannot be overstated, even in minimalist spaces.

Make sure that you choose a perfectly sized rug to go in your living room. You want to make sure that’s large enough for space without being too large, but a small rug can make your entire room look wrong. Size the perfect rug, match your style and watch as it makes all the difference in your room.

Color Coordination

Color Coordination

While it’s important to coordinate colors, don’t forget to add splashes of unique hues when you can. If you’re choosing a monochromatic palette, choose one color to add a ‘pop’ to your room. Use it sparingly but try to weave it through some of the larger pieces in your room (including the pillows and rugs).

If you aren’t using a monochromatic look, make sure that the colors you are using coordinate correctly. Using colors that are too different or contrast too sharply can make your room look disorganized rather than pulling it together. Consult your interior designer or a color wheel to make sure that your favorite colors work well together.

You can try out different palettes until you find one that works for you. If you want to try new and exciting combinations, remember to save the most expensive pieces for last!

Choose the Right Lighting


The right lighting can make all the difference in your style. It can take the room from looking soft and comfortable to looking harsh in seconds if done incorrectly. While it may be a challenge to find affordable lighting that looks great, it can also be the one change that makes your room perfect.

There are tons of lighting options beyond using a simple lamp to light up the room. Ambient lighting, accent lighting, and recessed lighting are all great options to add the perfect amount of light to your room. Consider indirect, soft lighting for a comfier living space. Don’t forget to use task lighting if you’re going to be reading or crafting in your living room as well!

Mix New and Vintage

One of the best style tricks for your living room is to avoid using perfectly matching furniture pieces. Mix new, plush couches with vintage chairs. Use tables made from reclaimed wood. Try out different styles together – but don’t go overboard.
An interior designer is trained to find pieces that work well together. Consult a trusted designer to figure out which eras and styles blend well without looking too uniform. You can try out different things until you find the perfect style for your living room!


If your living room’s style is important to you, consider using these tips to make your space stand out! If you need some help in the Atlanta area, try consulting with Atlanta interior designers to find the perfect style for your home.

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