Mindful Missing: The Art Of Making Him Yearn For You!

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16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you

Do You Feel Yearning For Your Partner? Are you in the dating phase or a relationship where you want him to miss you, too? I will share 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you. In this article, I will highlight how women head over heels miss their men missing them!

Read the blog to learn how to make your partner miss you more psychologically. The idea of him missing you more and giving you more attention is quite a beautiful experience. But remember, don’t try too hard.

One thing that men hate is women falling at their feet! At a certain point, it turns into a taken-for-granted relationship! Effort is attractive on both sides and an integral part of any relationship. The idea is meant to make him yearn for you, but don’t turn your relationship toxic by doing those actions.

Mindful Missing: The Art Of Making Him Yearn For You!

Are You In a Relationship_

The no-contact rule might hurt your relationship in the longer run, and it is more about the little space that is friendly in your relationship. The strategy is to make him crave for you, which is a step further into the partnership. Want to know how to make him miss you psychology?

Just like you think men consider things taken for granted at a certain time of their relationship, it might also happen for women who take things for granted! As a woman, you need to stay happy and satisfied with yourself. Only then will he find you irresistible.

As a woman, wielding authority is sexy even though it does not mean dominating the man in the relationship. It is more about commanding respect, which is quite attractive for men! Therefore, you need to keep him on his toes so he keeps coming back to you repeatedly!

1. Work On Your Own Life!

Work On Your Own Life!

Don’t be focused on him all the time! I am sure you and your partner have a personal and professional life outside of your relationship. It is, therefore, important for you to “get a life” where a man is not the center of your life!

Self-care is important in life, whether for a man or a woman! Therefore, work hard, creating a good future for yourself instead of only thinking about how your partner is not giving you attention.

You know what is attractive: a successful, independent, qualified woman who commands power. Your man will be proud of you and yearn for you if he knows you have your things to pursue and are not waiting around him! Being on a higher ground will earn you respect for the male gender!

2. Stop Reaching Out!

Stop Reaching Out!

When you are dating someone, you get butterflies when they text or ping you! Similarly, it works reverse as you text them, they feel excited. You need to realize that you cannot be the one who is always texting or calling!

Only text him sometimes! You cannot just text him whenever you are online because it will make him feel that you are always available to them. To miss you, he needs to get texts or calls at intervals during which he thinks about you or is curious about what you might be doing.

Reduced texts from you will mean he will start missing you more. It will also make sure that you are not the one being taken for granted in the relationship.

3. Travel Together!

Travel Together!

Traveling together will bring the two of you together, and we yearn for you more! The psychological trick is to keep memories with each other that are happy and fun! As people, it is our nature to appreciate the good times.

Travel experiences and memories are those good times that will make him yearn for you! In long distances, these experiences help bring back the feelings you share.

4. Keep It Short And Simple!

Keep It Short And Simple!

When interacting with your partner through texts, one of the psychological tricks is to keep the messages short and simple. This will surely create a space in the relationship where he gets an opportunity to miss you.

The concept of “playing hard to get” is not completely what I am trying to hint at. It is more about investing in the relationship through texts and making him yearn for you. He should be invested in the relationship as well.

5. Flirt With Feelings!

Flirt With Feelings

Flirting with your partner does help in developing more feelings between you two! To build a rapport, you must create a relationship where, even without physical contact, the emotional influence helps you and your partner stay attracted.

There are times when flirting not only helps you connect with your partner but also helps in raising the self-esteem of your partner. He will also feel involved, as you can be flirty in the relationship.

6. Keep It Positive!

Keep It Positive!

As a part of a couple, you need to be positive in the relationship. It will ensure that your mental health is in a better place. If you are dating or in a committed relationship, you need to be fun and flirty at times.

Seriousness is important in a relationship, but only sometimes, because it tends to take the romance out. You have to make him smile and laugh, enjoying life! It helps him realize how you are important to him and his life.

With you, he enjoys life! If this is something that he feels with you, interacting and knowing him, then positivity becomes an integral part of your life.

7. The Waiting Game!

The Waiting Game!

The waiting game is one of the significant steps once you start dating a guy! So after you return from a date, you must wait for him to ping you! That is to understand how much he enjoyed the date or whether he misses you already. I will share psychology tricks over text to make him yearn you!

You do not want to tell him how much you miss him because he will think he has got it easier! During the dating phase, the man needs to be involved, so if he is taking a long time to respond or answer your call or text back, the girl back the heck off!

8. Take Time Responding To His Texts

Take Time Responding To His Texts

He needs to know that others are in the line and he is not the only one you see. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you want to text or call after he does! Keep the yearning fire on! Further, do not respond just after he pings!

Take your time replying to his texts, which can vary between 10 minutes to an hour. It depends on how he receives the gesture of you replying late that will confirm your perspective.

9. Check Out Their Choices!

Check out Their Choices!

You should be curious about his needs and choices! It will help you connect with your partner better. Checking out the options that he makes will help you know him better.

As a woman, when you know what is going on with your man or try to guess it, he will yearn for you more. It will make him feel that both of you belong!

10. Don’t Be An Open Book!

Don't Be An Open Book!

You cannot be open and expressive about your point of view or feelings. It is important to keep him guessing at times. Opening up to him completely might impact both of you coming closer to each other! Or it might have a negative effect, considering they don’t have anything surprising.

Unavailability Is Attractive! Sometimes, you miss your man more when he is unavailable. It may be true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I am not asking you not to be there for your boyfriend, but at times, too much interaction, be it on call or meeting up every day, might make one of you take things for granted.

If you want to keep the spark alive, you must allow him to daydream about you. This includes only being available to him sometimes, ensuring that he will make an effort, or occasionally impressing you with little and large gestures.

You must show up for him during a crisis or be there for him in a time of need; however, regularly try to focus on your life and your efforts towards him. This will ensure that he will crave your presence, too!

11. Social Media Is A Weapon!

Social Media Is A Weapon!

Nothing makes a man yearn for you more than thirst traps! But you cannot direct those hot pictures of yours in skimpy clothes to him. You have to go the indirect route! Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are perfect for posting pictures that will make him yearn for you.

You need to constantly stay on his mind but not by being available! As we discussed earlier, a man needs to drool on you yet cannot access you or get you. The pictures and the videos on social media should show you dressed well and enjoying life with your friends.

Attractive posts and reels ensure that he feels as if he is missing out on something! This yearning also sometimes confirms the relationship’s seriousness from the man’s perspective.

12. Treat Him Like A Friend!

Treat Him Like A Friend!

In the dating phase, men are mostly scared of commitment. Hence, they sometimes try to sidestep the commitment part and focus on the fun aspect of the relationship, be it an emotional connection or the physical pleasures.

The special treatment that men receive when they become someone’s partner is often taken for granted! So, for both these issues, you ladies can treat your man like a friend because the moment you express the head-over-heels feelings, for him, it will be an easy kill.

Make him work for it! By friendzoning him or treating him like a friend even when he is your boyfriend, you make him realize it is an honor to be treated specially by you.

It will allow him to miss you and put more effort into impressing you! Keep him wondering, ladies, whether he is just like any other friend or is special.

13. Surprises Work Best To Keep The Kindle On!

Surprises Work Best To Keep The Kindle On!

When dating a man, you must understand that you cannot be impressed by everything the man does or says! The prospect of a developed mind for a woman is where she can build her choices and point of view.

Therefore, do not let a man tell you what to do! Instead, at times, offer things to do which are surprising and fun! Being a woman full of surprises will help you become an enigma who is unpredictable. The boundless energy that women have must be unleashed on their partners!

This war, he will miss your initiative when you are not together! Your version, which is fun and full of surprises, is bound to make him yearn for you, especially when he is feeling low.

14. Dress Up To Air That Yearning!

Dress Up To Air That Yearning!

Being comfortable is important, but dressing up will turn on the heat in your relationship. It is not important to wear something expensive or skimpy; it is more about how you glow when you get all decked up.

He will yearn for you more when he checks you out in that beautiful black dress or a white crop top with faded blue jeans!

15. Don’t Pretend!

Don't Pretend!

As a personality, nobody should pretend, neither the man nor the woman! Now that we are talking about women who want their men to miss them, I want to advise them to always be themselves. It is easy to pretend to make a man miss you but trust me, there is no long-term pretension.

You must be yourself when you are dating someone or in a relationship! It will make him yearn for you more because everyone appreciates originality.

He will fall for your personality, especially if there is a rapport between you two apart from sexual attractions. Ramp up the relationship with authenticity and original interactions.

16. Trigger The Hero In Him!

Trigger The Hero In Him!

A great psychological trick to make your partner miss you or yearn for you is to trigger his hero instinct! It is natural for a man to protect and provide, AKA being a hero! This is something that every boy is taught at a very young age, and it drives them as men!

You can use this instinct to make him feel that he needs to keep you safe and sound. I am not telling you to become dependent on him or pretend that you are incompetent! It is more about using those difficult situations to influence him to yearn for you!

When you share with your man that you are in a difficult situation, his instinct is to help you. Similarly, when he works hard, try to appreciate him both in and out of bed! Knowing he makes you happy will make him miss you in the long run!

Keep The Love Going…

To know that he misses is the best feeling of all! Please read the blog for 16 psychological tricks to make him miss you. The thoughts that come with these psychological aspects help you make better decisions!

When treating your partner with these tricks, remember your relationship’s context and nature. Not all men are similar, so you might sometimes mistreat them. Focus on your relationship and react accordingly.

Comment below about how you deal with your man, especially when you want him to miss you.

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