How To Ace a Math Test With Minimal Studying 

Education by  Mashum Mollah 06 January 2023

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Nobody wants to spend hours studying for a math test that they could pass with minimal study or none at all. You want to get it done as soon as you can so that you can kick back and hop on your console, go for a bike ride, or shoot some hoops with your friends. 

No need to worry about that upcoming math exam! 

We’ve got your back. 

7 Easy Tips To Ace a Math Test With Minimal Studying

We’ll show you how to pass your math test with flying colors without days of grueling studying! 

1. Understand The Concepts 

1. Understand The Concepts 

Before jumping headfirst into a math test, try to develop a strong understanding of what your professor included on the exam. 

If you are unable to follow what the teachers are teaching at school, you can always opt for online maths classes. You can study at a time of your convenience and not feel ashamed of asking as many questions and clearing as many doubts as possible.

Most professors will tell you what the test is about if you ask. So take the time to truly understand the content you’ll see on your upcoming test by talking to your teacher after class. 

There’s no need to sit for too long and scrutinize the topics at hand. But a decent skim to reinforce your knowledge will most likely help you in the long run. 

You can also practice some questions you create yourself. Or find a Quizlet or study guide online and answer those questions. 

If you’re familiar with the topic, review your answers from past papers and see how well you understood them then. This strategy will jumpstart your memory and get you back into the headspace to focus on these concepts. 

2. Review Your Notes

Undoubtedly, throughout your class, you’ve taken pages of notes on subjects that will be on your test. You probably have pages full of them just waiting for you to reread them. 

So why not give them a few minutes of quality time?

Focus on your most valuable notes that highlight the equation formulas. You should also play out in your head the order of operations to get you to your answers. 

Memorizing your notes can do you a steady favor when you don’t want to use all of your hours fretting about studying for a math test. 

Of course, it always helps to take outstanding notes using tried and true note-taking strategies

3. Keep A Positive Mindset 

3. Keep A Positive Mindset 

It should be a given that it helps to stay positive when taking a math test. If you go into it thinking you’ll fail, you’ve already lost. 

Additionally, if you dwell on how hard it’ll be, you’re bound to worry about it incessantly. This mindset can make you so distracted that you can’t absorb the information. 

So brush yourself off and keep your head up because the test isn’t impossible to pass. Yet, you need to believe in your ability to do well in the test if you want that result.

Free your mind by taking a walk or giving yourself a friendly pep-talk before class. Convince yourself that you’re ready to ace that test. 

A little extra confidence can go a long way. 

This article has a few extra things that you can do to relax and get in the right mindset. 

4. Answer the Easiest Questions First 

We’ve all been in that one situation where we have a question far too overwhelming for us to answer, and we get stuck. 

To ease our minds enough to answer those difficult math test questions, eliminate the easy ones from the get-go. It should be less stressful to answer these questions first. 

After, you can stop worrying about how many more you have and start focusing on ones that count for more. 

It’s those long answer questions that require more attention. That’s because these questions tend to be more word problems and less of an exact answer.

So even if you don’t have the answer exactly right, explain the main point of the question, and you should at least get some points even if you wind up with an incorrect answer. 

With lighter shoulders and a clearer head, getting rid of obvious answers will help us redirect our focus to the more difficult and problematic questions. 

5. Trust Your Instincts 

Most of us have a gut feeling that grabs at us when making difficult decisions. Trust that what you think to be the right answer is most likely correct. 

Using your instinct like this means that you don’t give in to doubt and second-guess yourself. Whatever math test answer you were initially rooting for, pick that one. 

6. Don’t Rush Yourself 

6. Don’t Rush Yourself 

You may have the urge to answer all questions as quickly as possible, but this is not usually the best strategy. When you move too fast, you risk skipping over important details of the questions. 

Take your time to read the questions and understand what they are asking of you to answer correctly. 

Remaining at a steady pace can also help to keep you calm and focused, rather than getting anxious over finishing the test in time. 

7. Use Common Sense 

When taking a math test, many questions come with multiple choice answers. Common sense would steer you to disregard any responses you know to be wrong and then choose the best option from the remaining answers. 

When you finish the test and have extra time remaining, go back over your answers and double-check for any mistakes instead of handing your test in.

The more time you take during your math test, the more thoroughly you can check your work to ace the exam. 


Don’t forget to prepare yourself mentally before walking into your math test room. Then, apply the advice you just read and be confident that you’re ready to ace any test that comes your way.

With good study notes, the right mindset, and some intelligent test-taking tactics, you’ll be able to pass your next math test, and make progress!

Good luck! 

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