Average Water Bill in Caringbah

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Water Bill

Every three months your water bill comes round and you dutifully pay it. But have you ever stopped to wonder how they come up with that sum?

What do the various charges mean? Are there ways you can save money on your bill? Let’s find out!

The Parts of Your Water Bill

There are three parts to your water bill in Caringbah. The base water service charge, the drinking water usage charge, and the fixed annual wastewater fee that is divided into four parts and levied on each quarterly payment.

The base water service charge is the fee for being hooked up to the system. The cost is dependent on where your home is located. Everyone in your area pays the same charge.

The wastewater fee is also a fixed charge for sewerage services.

Where your bill has some flexibility is in the final charge, the drinking water usage charge. This is a set price per kiloLitre. As you use more water, you pay a higher price.

How Much Is the Average Water Bill in Caringbah?

How Much Is the Average Water Bill in Caringbah?

As mentioned, the water bill comes quarterly in Caringbah. Because you don’t get it every month, it can be a burdensome expense when it does come. It’s always a good idea to set aside money each month as part of your budget so you’ll have it on hand when the bill comes.

On average, Caringbah households pay about $300 per quarter which adds up to $1200 per year.

Tips to Reduce Water Usage

There is only one component of your water bill that you can affect. While the other charges are fixed, the drinking water usage charge is based on how much water you use. So, the only way to reduce water bills in Caringbah is to reduce your water usage. Here are a few tips to do that.

Shower Habits

A long, relaxing soak in the tub is nice, but it also requires a lot of water. For daily bathing, stick to taking a quick shower. Save the long bath for a day when you really need it.

To take it one step further, use a low-flow showerhead that burns through the water at about half the pace of a standard showerhead.

Collect Rain Water

Collect Rain Water

If you want to get really dedicated, try setting up a couple of rain barrels under your downspouts. You can use the collected water for things like watering your plants and washing the car.

Fill ‘er Up!

You’ll be glad to hear that washing the dishes by hand uses more water than running a full dishwasher. However, the key is that the dishwasher is full. The dishwasher will use the same amount of water whether there are 10 dishes or 50 in the racks.

Understand Your Water Bill

We hope this information has helped take a bit of the mystery out of your water bill. Don’t be afraid to get creative about conserving water, especially when we are at risk of a drought!

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