The Benefits that Trenchless Pipe Repairs Bring

Energy by  Ariana Smith 28 February 2018 Last Updated Date: 27 August 2020

Pipe Repairs

Underground piping, like anything else, degenerates over time, and repairing sewers, for example, can be very time consuming and costly, especially if you have to dig out large sections in order to identify the problem area, and with trenchless pipe repairs, you can carry out the work in half the time. The traditional methods use vast amounts of resources, and with time being money, and underground pipe repairs need to be completed as soon as possible and at an acceptable cost.

1. Less Damage :

Using state of the art technology, it is possible to identify sections of underground waste pipes, and by only digging in a single location, there is virtually no restoration work involved. Trenchless pipe repair technology has made considerable advances over the past 5 years, and using video surveillance, it is possible to see very clearly where the problem lies, and once the area to be repaired is identified, half the job is already done. If a very long section of piping is damaged, you might have to dig the entire length in order to locate the problem area, which is why trenchless technology was developed.

2. Prompt Repairs :

As there is no need to dig in order to find the problem, access to the section to be repaired is much quicker, and this means cheaper repair bills, and with the very high cost of labour, this is indeed a welcome development for many organisations. The technology used today could result in a one week job being finished in less than one day, and the repairs would not require much manpower, which also keeps costs down. The part of the repair process that really takes the time is the digging out, but with trenchless solutions, there is little excavation and this means less damage to render.

 3. Superior Quality :

Whether the piping is to be repaired or replaced, modern composite materials give you a much longer lifespan, and if you are replacing a sewer line, for example, you can expect the new system to give you many years of trouble free service. Seamless technology makes for a smoother flow, and with materials that are designed to withstand anything, the pipeline is much less likely to be compromised. If you would like to know more about trenchless technology, there is a detailed account of how it works and the applications it offers.

 4. Cost Effective Solutions :

If you have decided that a sewer section needs to be replaced, when compared to the traditional replacement method, trenchless technology is a much more cost effective solution, and by using composite materials, the new system will not degenerate over time. The supplier would be confident enough to issue their clients with a long unconditional warranty on all their projects, and with regular inspections, the new piping can quickly be repaired, should the need arise.

The arrival of trenchless pipe repairs has given a range of industries a cost effective alternative to digging trenches to repair piping, and should you ever require repairs on a sewer or water pipe, talk to the trenchless repair experts, who can be found easily with an online search.

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