What is the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform in Europe?

Finance by  Mashum Mollah 29 April 2021

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform in Europe

Since the start of 2021, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has skyrocketed. This has aroused the interest of crypto users and increased their willingness to exchange their coins for BTC. So, there are more people with interest in cryptocurrency and exchange services in recent months.

This article discusses some of the best crypto converters in Europe.

About Trading Platforms:

Before you buy BTC across Europe, you should pick out top exchanges and trading services. This might require you to open an account with them.

Some of the factors to consider before choosing a trading platform are trading fees, trust and reputation, payment methods, and account minimums. Make sure all of these factors are in your favor before continuing with them.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges:


This cryptocurrency exchange allows users to change different crypto coins privately. It’s simple and straightforward. Users are not required to open an account before exchanging cryptocurrencies.


  • It is versatile and allows a large pairing variety
  • No transaction limits
  • Quick transactions
  • Users control their wallets, so it’s secure


  • It doesn’t support fiat currency


This platform is from the Netherlands and only works in Europe, but it offers the cheapest services. It is also rated among the best BTC trading platforms in Europe.


  • It has a simple interface
  • It offers a large number of cryptocurrencies with a variety of trading pairs
  • There is no premium account, and it has different payment methods


  • It is only present in Europe
  • You can’t access it without verification
  • It doesn’t offer phone support


This is a UK-based trading platform that offers its services worldwide. It offers eight trading pairs and has an approximate daily trade volume of $5.6 million.


  • It is easy to navigate
  • It offers various payment options for users
  • It has a reliable support


  • It doesn’t support many coins


This popular exchange allows trading of more than 150 coins. It began as a platform to trade between crypto pairs. Its services include listing, delisting, withdrawal, and grading of coins.


  • Relatively lower fees
  • Large options for trading and crypto pairs
  • Advanced charting


  • Works best for experienced users
  • Binance US doesn’t have as many trading pairs as another international counterpart
  • Currently not supported in seven states in the US


This is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in existence. However, it is more suitable for use by traders with experience due to the abbreviations, specific terms, customizable options, etc.


  • Very trustworthy exchange
  • High liquidity
  • Deposit is cheap in the US. Can be cheap or free in Europe


  • It has low leverage
  • Customer service isn’t very useful


We are experiencing a steady increase in the number of crypto trading platforms, and this offers more possibilities to traders and investors.

However, it also brings the problem of determining the best one to use. The good thing is, you don’t necessarily have to restrict yourself to just one. You can try the best ones and work with them.

This article mentions some of the best in Europe, but you must not forget that the best one for you is the one that satisfies your personal requirements.

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