The Best Edibles That You Simply Have to Try!

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Best Edibles

Smoking marijuana has been the go-to form for getting THC in the system for the last century or so. But with the continued legalization of recreational use, people are experimenting with new ways to consume marijuana now than ever before.

This is where edibles come into play. Mixing and baking your own edibles is one of the best ways to consume marijuana, enjoy a tasty snack, all while enjoying the effects!

Here are the best edibles to try whether you are a first-time user or someone that has been around the block for a few decades.

What Are Edibles?

Edibles typically refer to the marijuana edibles that are food item alternatives to smoking or vaping marijuana. As many people have been told growing up, smoking is not great for the lungs and can increase the risk of certain cancers. Vaping is still up in the air, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Edibles vary anywhere from a tincture to a tasty treat like a brownie or cookie. Because of this reason, they can also vary greatly in strength. With a small gummy only carrying around 10 milligrams of THC, whereas a brownie can get into the 1000 milligram range.

Do You Buy or Make Edibles Yourself?

Depending on the state, you could have the option to buy edibles yourself. In other states, you may have to buy the individual ingredients to make it yourself.

There are many name brand versions of edibles in today’s world, so don’t opt for the first brightly colored edible you find at a gas station. Do some research into the brand and always double-check reviews.

If you don’t trust store-bought edibles then you have the option of making them yourself. It is easy to take THC oil and decide to mix it into your family’s brownie recipe and enjoy them on a whole different level.

1. Gummies


Gummies are considered the introductory to edibles because they are easy to control the amount of THC that is found in them relatively easily. They are often small and do not require a lot of effort.

There are also plenty of gummy options that can differ from something similar to a gummy worm or bear, all the way to taffy and rope gummies.

Weed gummies will also be a great starter dose, as you can find them for relatively small amounts of THC per serving. These starter gummies are usually around 5 to 10 milligrams each and taste wonderful.

Because of their easy to make nature, you can also find extremely potent pieces that are in the 100-milligram range. These are only recommended for experienced users. Keep in mind, the more THC oil that is used, the more of that THC taste it will carry.

One of the downfalls of gummies is the sugary content behind them. Look for gummies that are higher in fiber content, as these often provide the same great taste, without the negative side effects of too much sugar.

2. Cookies/Brownies


When it comes to edibles, pot brownies and pot cookies are considered the king of the snacks. These often mask the taste of the THC oil really well and can provide that same sweet taste like any other homemade cookie or brownie.

Unlike gummies though, these are often harder to find out in the wild in convenience stores or cannabis shops. That is because the THC is harder to control and spread out evenly. This means if you make a batch of brownies or cookies, one piece could have 7 milligrams of THC, while another has 150 milligrams.

For those looking for easy pot brownies, be sure to check out the link. They’ll teach you how to make your own and enjoy edibles like never before.

When it comes to store-bought edible cookies and brownies, they usually have to be made in small batches to even spread out the THC oil. As the same with the gummies, double-check reviews and what people say about the brands you want to try.

Do be warned, store-bought bakery items never live up to the expectations as homemade ones do.

3. Teas

Marijuana is not all about “getting high” and doing nothing with your day. Many individuals will use it to help be productive by reducing anxiety and stress. That is where teas come into play.

While teas are not necessarily “edible”, they are ingestible all the same and easy to mix with THC oil. Adding a small amount of around 5 to 10 milligrams of THC with your favorite tea has lead to many pleasant experiences. This makes it perfect for those wide downtimes after work.

Teas also vary greatly, meaning you can have green tea in the morning to help get caffeine flowing through the system for a productive day. Or you can pair it with chamomile or lavender for a great sleepy time tea.

For best results when it comes to THC tea, be sure to pair it with CBD oil. Mixing the two together helps activate our endocannabinoid system, which plays a huge role in regulating our mood and immune system cycles.

Teas are extremely easy to control the THC and CBD content as well. Because you are using a tincture, there is no worry about what you may feel from one batch to another. It is a guarantee every time.

4. Oils and Butters

While THC oil is the unrefined version, it is often not the same effect as if you were to cook with olive oil or canola oil. This usually means you have to go through a separate process to accomplish turning the oil into cooking oil or butter.

Cannabis butter is actually one of the first steps to making a solid pot brownie or cookie. The only issue is that it requires several steps and is extremely easy to mess up. This is because cannabutter made without “decarbing” the flower leads to an inactive brownie or cookie.

Inactive cookies and brownies happen because THC has not been converted from THCA, which only happens during high heat. Decarbing is the process of leaving the flower on a baking sheet for around 30ish minutes and makes sure that the THCA is converted properly.

Do note, butter and oils require the whole flower bud because of its unrefined process. Trying to mix THC oil with butter or other oils does not lead to the same consistency and often leads to a bad tasting product.

5. Dried Fruit

One of the upcoming ways to get more THC into the diet is through the use of dried fruits. This is thanks to the fruits natural sweetness doing a great job to cover up that herby taste that follows THC around.

Dried fruit almost always has no added sugar, and instead, relies strictly on the sugar that comes from the fruit. This makes it a perfect healthier alternative to the overly sweet options that are already on the market.

The flavors can vary anywhere from a nice pear refreshing taste, to a sweeter and more upfront banana taste. Each does a great job at masking that powerful cannabis flavor.

Just like with gummies, they are also extremely easy to control the amount of THC found in each serving and makes another great option for beginners. They routinely sit at around 10 milligrams per servings. For those more experienced, it will be a little harder to find higher amounts of THC.

6. Chocolate


While a staple in the snack counter of many pantries, chocolate edibles are relatively new to the game. This is because of the combination of darker chocolates and cannabis oil not mixing well. They often lead to an extremely bitter and dry taste that more than often people have expressed discretion in.

Companies are now starting to think out of the box and use the findings from the dried fruit example. They are incorporating fruit, chocolate, and THC in their items for slight hints of orange or raspberries to cover the THC, while still providing that bitter chocolate taste.

Most chocolate bars will require you to each the entire bar to get the set amount of THC specified. Be sure to accommodate and expect to eat a little more sweets than you probably normally would at one time.

The Best Edibles Come Down to Your Taste Buds

While most edibles are delicious, the best edibles will come down to your individual preferences and taste buds. Where one person prefers a treat that is extremely rich in chocolate, another will prefer nothing but the sweetest of fruits for their edibles.

There is no set time when it comes to edibles kicking in and will depend on height, weight, and how much you have had to eat that day. Keep all these factors in mind when deciding how much THC you want. If they don’t kick in after a few hours, it may be time to up the dosage.

If you want to learn a little more about everything the world has to offer, be sure to check out the rest of our blog that covers topics from health to business. If you know someone that is interested in edibles, be sure to share this article with them so that they know what to look for.

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