3 best Glowforge machine ideas for kids!

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The Glowforge is a super fantastic laser cutter that is designed with both semi-professional and amateur users in mind. 

The machine can make quite many different fun and exciting projects and is packed with features designed to create unique designs as easily as possible. Some of the most incredible features offered by Glowforge include cloud-based user software, a camera on the lid that allows users to match up to their design easily, and a point light measurement in the cutting head. 

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3 best Glowforge machine ideas for kids in 2021-

Glowforge has several uses particularly for kids and this we will discuss below. Moreover, continue reading below to learn about some great project ideas that kids can get to work on by using Glowforge. Let’s get started! 

1. A keepsake box for coins and toys

1. A keepsake box for coins and toys

Making boxes with a Glowforge is considered one of the more accessible projects that can be done with the machine. The main benefit of making boxes with the machine is that it is regarded as a beginner-friendly project, mainly thanks to the hassle-free approach that Glowforge has created. 

Beyond that, the Glowforge is capable of some really unique and refined detail, leaving you and your kid with a professional-looking box to keep coins, pins, cards, or other collectibles. 

The materials needed for making a box with Glowforge will likely run you $10-20.

2. Acrylic base laser sword

If your kid is a massive fan of the Star Wars franchise, one of the best projects you can undertake with the Glowforge is making your very own laser sword at home. There are directions online in terms of what materials to use for both the handle and the light-up saber, and there are even directions in terms of how to get the electronic aspects of this project to work perfectly. 

One great aspect of this project is that the wooden handle is quite durable to protect the electronics inside. While this is a more advanced project – and will likely take around 12 work hours to complete – the price is still at just $30 for the material needed. 

3. Board Game accessories

Whether your child’s favorite board is Risk, Chess, Settlers of Catan, or anything in between, Glowforge can help you and your kid design and cut out unique and personalized accessories that will really make your game one of a kind. 

The beauty of going this route with your Glowforge is because you can use a vast array of different materials to craft your pieces. Anything from vinyl to wood to acrylics and more can be used on the machine. 

This job will be pretty easy and can be done by beginners, but you should keep in mind that the project as a whole will likely take over 20 hours to complete due to the large number of pieces that have to be made.

The Final Thoughts:

Glowforge will make your kid’s brain sharp during this summer vacation. The 3D laser printer will make all your projects possible. The machine is truly useful for the kids but you must know how to use the same. The above listed are the best ideas that you can consider for your kid. However, if you have other ideas then you can mention them in the comment section below. 

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