Contactless and Self Install Internet Options

Internetby Mashum Mollah17 June 2021

Self Install Internet Options

Social distancing has been in place for a little over a year now. It’s to keep other people safe while you’re shopping, waiting in line to pay a bill, or even attending a special event. One thing that has been a bit tricky is getting essential services connected to your home, such as the internet.

Keeping You Safe:

Most internet providers like Spectrum have developed some way to keep customers safe while connecting services. Some companies have offered unlimited data so that customers can stay connected while working at home or taking classes at home.

More hotspots have been added across cities so that people have access to the internet when they can’t connect at home. There have also been hotspots added at schools so that students can get assignments completed on time, especially if they don’t have the internet at home.

When customers choose a new provider, there are a few ways that companies are ensuring that technicians and customers are safe during the installation process. Self-installation and contactless installation are two ways that providers have stepped up to protect everyone involved during this time.

Companies That Help:

Companies That Help:

There are numerous companies that are now offering self-installation if you don’t feel comfortable with someone else entering your home to connect your internet. They include AT&T, Spectrum, Xfinity, and Frontier. If you contact the internet provider you want to use, then there’s a good chance that they can offer the same services as other providers.

1. AT&T:

1. AT&T:

The company works with customers to explain details about the installation process without someone going to the home. There are guides online by AT&T that offer step-by-step instructions as to how to connect all of the equipment and how to set up the connection.

2. CenturyLink:

Technicians have cleaning supplies to disinfect equipment and other items before entering your home and after leaving. They also follow proper social distancing recommendations to keep customers safe. You can also order your equipment and seek assistance from the company to install it on your own.

3. Cox and Xfinity:

Technicians can enter your home if you choose, or you can get the equipment needed to try to connect to the internet on your own. Support is offered by the company to ensure that it’s connected correctly. Only certain areas will be eligible for technicians to enter the home for the installation of internet equipment. Items will be sent to customers when possible along with detailed instructions and phone numbers for support.

4. Frontier and Mediacom:

Safety precautions are used if technicians enter the home. They use disinfectants and wear the proper gear to prevent the spread of any viruses or bacteria. A kit and instructions can also be sent if you choose to self-install. Mediacom uses many of the same practices and requests that customers follow the same guidelines. This means that you will usually be asked to step into another room while the technician connects the equipment in your home.

5. Spectrum and Verizon:

5. Spectrum and Verizon:

When a technician enters your home, that person will need to wear a mask and will practice social distancing while inside. Trucks and all equipment used will be disinfected as well. Technicians will take their temperature before entering your home and ask questions to ensure that you haven’t had contact with anyone who could have COVID. Spectrum and Verizon are offering limited installation in homes with most services being self-install.

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