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To ensure your google content reaches its intended audience, it’s in your best interests to master Google’s content standards. Google is the world’s most popular search engine, and that gives it the power to make or break new sites and content providers. Fortunately, there’s a formula that can help get your sites up to Google’s standards.

The Google E-A-T standards refer to Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Sites that fail this test usually make some common mistakes that include not updating their site regularly. This leads to outdated information, a lack of proper attribution for their authors, and no way to contact the webmasters or check web security. 

If you want to do proper SEO on your site, you’ll need to master the E-A-T guidelines. Sites that fall afoul of Google’s standards can be demoted down the rankings, making it difficult for your followers to find you when they need to. Here are some of the best ways to improve your Google content score and stay atop the rankings. 

What Is A Google E-A-T Score?

What Is A Google E-A-T Score?

Google rates every site according to its google content standards. They primarily use this three-pronged system to judge, and each metric should be addressed and handled independently. 

For Expertise, Google is mainly concerned about the accuracy of information presented on a website, which is especially important for YMYL sites (Your Money, Your Life) which deal with high-priority google content like medicine, mental health, politics, or finance. Any site found to be disseminating false information will be penalized under this standard. 

Authority is less about what you say than who says it. If your site has a considerable number of blog posts but very little in the way of attribution, you might find yourself bumped down in ranking. To avoid that, ensure your contributors are clearly cited and are okay with being identified publicly.

Why Is Google Looking For The Track Records?

For Trustworthiness, Google is looking for a track record for the site that they can use to follow up. Make sure the names of your site’s owner and webmaster are accessible with easy contact information. Also, make sure your site’s security certificate is available.

A site that matches these criteria will qualify as high-quality, as long as there are no other glaring issues.

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Low And High-Quality Content

Low And High-Quality Content

Before launching your site and letting it be judged by Google’s content supervisors, ask yourself a few key questions. 

Does the page meet the needs of the user it’s intended for? Even if the site doesn’t run afoul of any major standards, if it boasts of providing a service and is mainly full of irrelevant content, it’s not likely to meet with Google’s approval. Be careful if you’re relying on third-party content. 

Does your site cover all the elements of the google content it’s addressing? Suppose you’re dealing with a complex or controversial topic, and you only address one side. In that case, it’s likely to be judged more as an opinion/editorial site rather than a high-quality solution to people’s questions. 

What is the ratio of content to supplemental and advertising? This is where you especially need to curate any third-party content. If most of your contributors are advertising their personal products or services or just giving their opinion, it’ll hurt your site’s rank. 

PureLinq’s guide to improving your E-A-T levels goes into these metrics and shows you how to avoid common pitfalls.  

Why Does E-A-T Matter?

E-A-T is the invisible ingredient that drives much of the competition in the search engine world. Say you launch a new site, and you don’t seem to be getting immediate traction. The only way to know why is to look into how you’re performing on search engines. The higher your score, the higher your organic search engine ranking, and the more you’ll be able to pick up new clicks. 

It becomes a rolling ball after a while – you get a high ranking thanks to E-A-T, which gives you a boost, and then the high ranking attracts new clicks, and you stay high. 

But the key to maintaining that position is to keep an eye on your site and make sure your google content standards don’t get flagged. You shouldn’t just check your sites – check your competitors too, especially if they’re above you on the search rankings. Are they doing something you should be doing? Understanding Google’s search algorithm is the best way to know where you need to make improvements. 

How To Win the E-A-T Game?

How To Win the E-A-T Game?

E-A-T is the key to success in the complicated online marketplace. When each of your google content is fulfilling this standard, hence you are on the winning side of the E-A-T game. Keep an eye on your site’s standards and ensure you’re tackling all three points. The result will be a higher profile and a better reputation for your business. 

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