Enhance Home Comfort For Family Who Have Restricted Mobility

Health & Fitnessby Ariana Smith13 March 2018

Restricted Mobility

It’s rewarding to give back to family and friends by taking care of them in their elders years after they’ve given so much to you; however, it’s undoubtedly difficult and stressful at times for both parties. There are several things you can do to improve the comfort of a loved one in your care who has restricted mobility or an illness that throttles their abilities. These tips will help improve both of your lives, living environment, and free up time so you can get back to enjoying a better quality of life together.

Some of the simplest things you can do are aesthetic: arrange a selection of floor and table plants and fresh flowers, install pleasing art and design accents, and decorate with relaxing colour schemes. Dwelling in a clean, attractive space does wonders for one’s emotional state. Clutter and stuffy arrangements not only put a damper on one’s mood, but they make mobility around the house difficult.Another often overlooked upgrade is a high-quality mattress. A good, deep sleep is vital for virtually every health condition imaginable, especially to give ailing limbs and backs a well-needed rest. You can purchase a hospital bed for use in the home that has all the same comfort and functionality.

There has been a significant recent shift to caring for elderly family at home rather than in sterile and cold institutions. Stats Can reports that the majority (88%) of carefor individuals comes from non-professional sources like family and friends, adding undue stress to everyone’s life. But people can receive great healthcare while at home. Professional nursing and support services like those offered by Integracare, found at https://integracare.on.ca in the Toronto area, can alleviate stress, enhance your loved one’s comfort, and give more time to family and friends by employing trained, respectful medical personnel to help your loved ones. There’s no need to arrange your schedule around their appointments when a nurse, physiotherapist, massage therapist, or another psw support worker can go right to them. Receiving healthcare at home reduces re-hospitalization rates and your family member can heal with the security, comfort, and dignity of familiar surroundings away from the public’s eyes. Integracare also offers non-medical services like light housekeeping, running shopping errands, incontinence support materials, and providing medical devices. The burden of the situation is lightened for both of you with outside helping hands.A caregiver’s presence in your home also provides unique companionship to home-bound patients who frequently report feeling lonely, which has its own detrimental effects on emotional and physical health.

Adding assistive devices to your home can make a world of difference. The Ontario Government has a program designed to help in this regard. Comfort-adding and helpful devices you can have available in your home include positioning devices (e.g. cushions, back and head supports, power tilt and recline), voice amplifiers, audio-players for reading books, and a wide range of medical equipment. You can also explore toileting slings for hoists and showering chairs. If your loved one qualifies, the government covers 75% of the cost for equipment and supplies. Please note not all types of devices are covered. Not covered, yet worth considering for the sake of comfort, are commode chairs, recliner chairs, closed captioning for TV, environmental control units, humidifiers, and shower seats.

Taking the time to research, altering some décor, accessing great private, at-home medical services, and getting help to pay for assistive devices are all straightforward and quality ways to enhance comfort for a loved one in your care.

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