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Travelby Ariana Smith22 January 2019


Every wondered about the road trip options from Ludhiana? From modern cityscapes to Himalayan foothills, there are many options for those who have the yearning to explore. With a simple car rental booking, the highway opens up to adventure and new sights and sounds. Here are some top recommendations.


Chandigarh city is a little more than 100 km from Ludhiana, but the difference is drastic. Where one is moulded by its medieval history, the other is a brainchild of a modern design genius. Le Corbusier saved his best for this city, and it remains a tribute to the modernist school of design. Some can even call it eccentric when compared to the other sprawling cities of India and Chandigarh remains an enigma that needs to be seen.

The most famous monuments of Chandigarh can be found at the Capitol Complex. These include the Open Hand monument, the incomplete yet stirring Geometric Hill, and the Tower of Shadows. Those who want to enjoy some tranquil moments by the waters can head over to Sukhna Lake, a prime spot for bird watching in the mornings. There is a hiking trail near the lake and visitors can enjoy a boat ride too.

Phillaur Fort:

Just 20 km north of the city, one will find the Phillaur Fort. Also known as the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort, it is a very long and interesting history. It became a formidable site for the great emperor who, with the help of his European generals resisted the advance of the British empire in these neck of the woods. Apart from its rich military history, the fort is also home to the mausoleum of Pir Baba Abdullah Shah Ji, considered a saint here. The structure celebrates many European elements and highlights include the watchtowers and the corner bastions.


Perched in the Siwalik ranges, Chintpurni is surrounded by the Himalayas, and its winters are especially frigid. The town is a pilgrimage centre and a scenic three-hour drive north of Ludhiana. The main religious attractions here are the Chintpurni temple and the Vajreshwari Devi temple. Close to the town, visitors can drive to the Maharana Pratap Sagar, a captivating lake built on the Beas River. Bird watchers will enjoy coming here during the winter months as many migratory birds make it a stop on their journey south. The blend of natural attractions and scenery along with the heritage of the town makes Chintpurni a photographer’s delight. It is also a good escapade for those who want to enjoy some fresh high altitude weather for a day.

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