How Long Does It Usually Take For Epoxy Countertops To Cure?

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Epoxy Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are many things you should consider. For instance-heat and scratch resistance, ease of installation, food safety, or ease of repair. Epoxy countertops are one of the best countertops available for your kitchen or bathroom to give it a distinctive look.

Epoxy is a type of hard plastic that you can even make on the spot by mixing hardener and resin. Epoxy Countertops offers excellent design flexibility and ensures you have a delightful kitchen.

It is a fun DIY project that you can do at home. However, working with epoxy for the first time can be tricky. And curing is a necessary step where you should give extra attention.

In this post, learn about how long it takes for an epoxy countertop to cure so that your project completes perfectly as you expected.

How Long Does it Take Epoxy Countertops to Dry?

Do you know how long it takes for epoxy countertop to cure? If not, we have the answer! While you are making your epoxy project, epoxy countertops cure times vary depending on the type of epoxy resin you are using. The epoxy dry time information is made available to you by the epoxy manufacturer.

Generally, epoxy countertops take around 72 hours to dry completely. Whatever the dry time is listed on the epoxy packet, it should be allowed to cure before you try to move or sand it fully.

If you do not let epoxy fully cure, you might etch the countertop’s surface. Also, it might cause uneven, smudging, or fisheye surfaces.

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How to Make Epoxy Countertops To Dry faster

How to Make Epoxy Countertops To Dry faster

Once you know how long it takes for epoxy countertop to cure, you might wonder if there is any way to avoid the waiting time and make them dry faster?

Depending on the type of epoxy resin you’re using, it might be possible to make them cure faster. Here are some of the ways that you can follow to avoid the waiting time:

1. Use the Heat

One of the great ways to make epoxy countertops cure faster is to use heat. For instance, you can increase the room temperature where you are working with epoxy. However, if you want to dry epoxy faster, apply heat with a heat gun, blow dryer, or heat lamp.

Ensure that the temperature of your chosen room ranges between 70-80°F while working with epoxy. This is because epoxy resins are sensitive to heat, making them dry faster. In simpler words, epoxy cures faster in warm environments and slower in cold environments. So, it is always advisable to choose a warm environment.

There are some ways to make your place warm:

❖     Use a space heater or heat lamp to increase the temperature of your workplace.

❖     Apply heat to the epoxy with a blow dryer or heat gun to cure epoxy faster.

2. Prewarm your Materials

Another way to speed up the epoxy cure time is to warm the materials before starting. Use hot water and allow your epoxy resin bottle to sit for 5-10 minutes before using them. In addition, you can apply heat to the materials with a heat gun or blow dryer. Ensure that you are applying heat evenly. While using this method, ensure no bubbles or cracking are caused.

3. Buy fast-Curing Epoxy Resins

Every epoxy resin is not made in the same way. Some take longer to cure, and some cure quickly. Therefore, buy epoxy resin that cures fast. Fast-drying epoxy resins comprise a fast act curing agent in their mixing ratio, and they start to cure once they are poured. However, if you are working with epoxy for the first time, you should use a slowly curable epoxy.

4. Follow the Instructions Carefully

Epoxy comes in two-compartment kits: resin and the other is a hardener. They both are required to be mixed in a proper mixing ratio. This is because they are specifically designed to blend. When mixing hardener and resin, carefully read the package instructions before applying them to your countertop. The resin will not harden if you mix both ingredients in the wrong ratio. When the mixture is mixed evenly, apply it on your countertop and avoid any waves or bubbles.

5. Use UV Resin

UV Epoxy Resins get cured in only 2 minutes when placed under a UV Lamp. This is one of the fastest ways to cure epoxy countertops faster. UV Resins are a specially designed product and should not be used for thick layers.

What should you not do to speed up the Epoxy Cure?

What should you not do to speed up the Epoxy Cure?

Generally, there are many ways to speed up the epoxy cure rate, but you also have a few things to avoid while you are trying to do so:

1. Avoid Using Match Materials-

If you use a curing agent that differs from the one epoxy came with, it will cause the epoxy not to cure at all.

2. Avoid Using Too Much Curing Agent-

Do not add more than your epoxy’s recommended agent, as it can decrease the resin’s pot time. Also, it may cause the resin to harden as you pour it.

3. Avoid Using Too Much Color-

Using more than 7% of color comparing can spoil the epoxy resin and hardener. And you will not get the results you expected.

It is advisable not to use more of each component than is recommended. It can cause a curing agent to overheat, leading to a mixture that hardens as soon as you pour it.


Epoxy Countertops are pretty incredible for your kitchen and bathroom. They give your kitchen a whole new look without denting your budget.

Now you know how long it takes for epoxy countertops to dry and how to speed up this process. Start working with epoxy and make your countertops look incredible. With the clarity of epoxy countertops and their curing time, you can work with epoxy easily.

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