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Educationby Adam Marshall24 July 2022

We understand that parents can be busy with their careers and other aspects of home living. So, when they find out that their children are not doing very well in their H2 maths, they become somewhat desperate to find a remedy to their children’s difficulties. They might try to tutor their kids themselves, which is a bad idea, actually. Some friends or relatives may recommend finding JC math tuition in Singapore. But some parents are not sure what to expect from home tuition. Firstly, though, find out the root cause/s of your children’s maths difficulties.

JC or H2 maths is truly difficult

Some students who passed on average grades (or barely passed) in all their math subjects up to secondary level suddenly find JC maths extremely difficult. This is because their maths foundation is poor to average at best.

Students suddenly find JC maths very challenging because of the word problems and lack understanding on how to break down problems and effectively solve them.

Many find it hard to understand algebraic equations.

Many also face difficulties when using and drawing from model methods, which don’t feel like models at all.

There is a weak understanding of conceptualising mathematical concepts because of a poor foundation and lack of practice in complex numbers, algebra, and trigonometry.

Many students don’t know how to use effective methods to solve problems. This leads them to make careless mistakes on tests and exam papers.

Many students are unable to complete mathematical papers because of inefficient time management skills, exam strategies, and a lack of practice in using important math tools like graphic calculators.

So, if you are looking for dependable and time-proven JC math tuition in Singapore, you can start by looking into FamilyTutor.

FamilyTutor is committed to being dependable to its students

What makes our tuition agency dependable and above the rest?

  • We make sure that your children receive specialised one-to-one maths lessons that are tailored or customised to the specific student’s needs, and in the comfort and safety of your home.
  • All our qualified maths tutors have specialised maths learning materials and guides because of their vast experience and proven credibility.
  • All our maths tutors have sufficient supplementary practice papers and timed practices to improve maths examination-taking techniques.
  • All our maths tutors offer clear and simplified discussions or explanations of complex mathematical concepts.
  • We guarantee that your children’s confidence and passion to learn maths will increase plus you’ll see considerable grade improvements for all math-related subjects.
  • Parents can select from over 9,000 dedicated maths tutors who can provide proper support for their children’s tutoring and even after tuition hours.

Other advantages of hiring a maths private home tutor

  • All scheduled lesson plans are personalised and customised to overcome students’ weaknesses – Part of the problem is that many students don’t like asking questions or clearing doubts in a classroom environment. A tutor offers undivided attention so that questions, doubts, and misconceptions can be cleared during sessions. Tutors can also focus on areas where the student is weakest.
  • The tutoring leads to positive interest and motivation to learn more about maths – A positive cycle encourages students to work hard and study consistently. This increased positivity leads to better grades and interest to learn.
  • Tutoring offers different teaching techniques using accessible and multiple practice papers – In this way, the student is exposed to practice solving problems using multiple methods. The only way to learn and master maths is to practice. In time, as practice becomes a solid habit when the student studies, practising solving maths problems becomes effortless and efficient. Experience is accumulated from exercises, practice papers, and sample test questions provided by the tutor.
  • The student slowly feels a passion and strength to improve in maths – A tutor’s teaching style will vary for each student depending on the child’s weaknesses, misconceptions, and lack of encouragement. But as the student’s grades and learning improve, the child’s interest in the subject increases and motivates him/her to learn more.

FamilyTutor: The best and dependable maths tuition in Singapore

By calling or getting in touch with us, you will only get the best and most dependable JC math tuition in Singapore. And you get this in the convenience of your home today. We follow all proper MOE COVID-19 Safe Management Measures. Request for a math home tutor from us now!

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