Getting To Know Property Surveyors In London

Real Estateby Ariana Smith14 February 2019

Property Surveyors

Finally, you have worked hard enough and earned well enough to afford your very own property! Not everyone can achieve such a feat so pat yourself on the back and stand proud – you have done a great job. Buying a new property will definitely welcome more opportunities in your life; you will surely encounter many new experiences with it. But since the reality of owning a property is quite elusive in one’s life, it is necessary that you purchase right the first time. There really is no room for mistakes, foul-ups, or misjudgment. You’re going to invest your precious, hard-earned cash. It’s not a sum you can earn overnight (read more). Which is why it is only natural for you to think things through – really, really, really well.

But what if we told you that you don’t have to do the thinking by yourself? What if we told you that someone, out there, can help you make the right purchase?

Well, lucky for you, all those rhetorical questions speak the truth. In fact, these people were referring to are licensed professionals. They’re experts at appraising, scrutinizing, and evaluating properties that are put up for sale. Whether it’s a house, a building, a commercial space, or even a barn, they can check it out for you. They can spot what’s hot and what’s not and create completely elaborate reports for your perusal. We call these heroes Property Surveyors. And if you’re looking for someone to help you “survey” a property real soon, then these guys can definitely help you.

Getting To Know Property Surveyors In London:

What Do Property Surveyors Generally Do?


Property surveyors are typically hired to inspect and create reports about certain properties that are put up for sale. They are specially trained to determine whether a certain property is indeed sold at a realistic (if not cheap) price. They check properties for defects, deficiencies, and other inconveniences like leaks, poor pipework, bad roofing, glazing issues, tile failure, and many others. They scrutinize and determine whether a property is a “wise buy” and may also offer the buyer advice on how to deal or cope with the defects found – if at all fixable. After surveying an entire property they then create evaluation reports and inform the buyer of the state of the property, whether it’s a good bargain or not.

For instance, a family of four is looking to buy a residential property in London. In order to determine the current state of the house put up for sale down 95 West Street, they implore the professional assistance of a Woodward London surveyor. This surveyor will then head to the place of interest and make an initial inspection, usually on the physical or superficial aspect of the property. After which, a more thorough inspection will be put in order. This will include the checking of pipelines, tilework, material decays and the like.

After everything has been surveyed, the house turned upside-down and inside-out, the surveyor will then create the property report. This report will cite all the surveyor’s findings on the property in question, including strengths and weaknesses. The buyer, which in this case is the family of four, can then make the final purchase decision based on the presented facts. If the property has more merits than demerits, then the family will likely take the deal. If not, further bargaining may ensue or the family will ultimately decide not to take the property.

Property surveyors are that convenient. They are seasoned experts whose expertise roots from years of experience in the field. Many property defects aren’t visible to the naked eye – or should I say the unknowing eye? It is only people who have thoroughly encountered the nasty effects of defective property parts that can determine the first signs of decay or breakage. Here are ten reasons why FindLaw insists that you get your property surveyed:

It is important to remember that when buying a property, the more informed you are the better. It’s a pretty big spend and it’s not the kind of money you can earn in such a short period of time. As property purchasers, we should learn how to invest our money wisely. A property surveyor’s fee is far more affordable than a wide-scale property renovation scheme. Learn to prioritize what matters.

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