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The healthcare industry is growing rapidly. Organizations worldwide are looking for RN (Registered Nurses) candidates to add them to their organizations. This made it clear that if you are looking for an opportunity to become a registered nurse, you can certainly do so with ease.

However, you must know that nurses are different, and hence, you will need to go through different educational and licensing methods.

Which Path To Take To Become A RN?

Which Path To Take To Become A RN

There are various pathways you can take to become a person with all formalities, wearing lab coats all the time, attending to patients, etc, in simple words becoming a registered nurse. Given below might help you secure the right path for you.

Undergraduate Diploma In Nursing:

If you want to jump-start your registered nursing career, you can start with an undergraduate diploma in nursing that will introduce you to the whole nursing industry.

Associate Degree In Nursing:

With an associate degree in nursing, you prepare yourself for an entry-level job in nursing. This type of program typically takes at least 2-3 years to complete. However, once you have completed this program, the organization will be willing to hire you.

Bachelor’s Degree In Nursing:

A bachelor’s degree in nursing will take four years to complete. It does take many years to complete a course, but once you have completed the course, you will start your career with a high paycheck.

Master’s Degree In Nursing:

Well, if you want to limit yourself to be a registered nurse, a bachelor’s degree is more than enough. However, if you want to offer more of your services, you can simply go for a master’s degree in nursing. With this degree, you will be an advanced-level nurse capable of teaching others the right nursing practices.

Doctorate Degree:

This can only be pursued if you truly want to leave your whole life as a nurse. With a doctorate at your disposal, you become a nurse researcher, teacher, or leader.

How To Get A Registered Nurse Licence?

One of the important aspects that you need to keep in mind is to have a registered nursing license if you want to be employed. Without an RN license, no organization will take your in as their nursing staff member.

So what needs to be done to become RN. Follow the steps.

Complete Accredited RN Program:

You must complete an RN program first. Start looking for “nursing programs near me.” You will get to know about several programs. Take part in one of the programs that fit you. You can proceed with the licensing procedure if you do not have an RN program certificate.

Pass The NCLEX-RN Exam:

After your graduation, you just appear for the NCLEX-RN exams. You must pass this exam in order to qualify to have an RN license.

Remember, this license is to prove that you have the required ability to take care of patients. Hence, taking is mandatory.

What Are The Other Requirements Of Entering RN Program?

Individuals who want to pursue a nursing career need to have a high school diploma with a grade point average of 2.0. This is just the start. According to licensed vocational nurses (LVNs), most institutions also ask to submit ACT or SAT examination test scores.

In addition to that, you must be a science student with anatomy and biology as your subjects. Furthermore, if possible, prepare yourself to enter college or university-level nursing courses.

Other Educational Pathways Via Medical Field

Other Educational Pathways Via Medical Field

If you are among those who are not interested in taking the RN license to pursue a career. You can take advantage of the medical career. There are several educational institutions where nursing and medical programs are offered. You can take one of those to pursue your nursing career.

Practical Nursing:

A few educational institutions offer practical nursing programs to prepare the candidate to become a Licensed Practice Nurse.

Nursing Assistance:

Nursing assistance programs help the candidates prepare themselves to become certified nursing assistant staff members of healthcare organizations.

Medical Assistance:

Medical assistance helps the candidates enter the medical field without becoming full-fledged nurses. Medical assistance has a 36-week course program that allows the candidate to become medical assistance at a fitness care


There you have it; now you know what pathway to take to become a registered nurse. In fact, you don’t need an RN license to be a part of a healthcare organization. You can take a medical field as an alternative.

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