The Impact Of Technology On Education

Technologyby Ariana Smith20 December 2017


We live in a phase where it is practically impossible for people to think about life without using technology. One of the major reasons behind this is the positive impact of technology on all aspects of life ranging from shopping groceries to e-banking. Students nowadays make use of the internet for studying subjects that sound challenging to them. Same is the case where tutors use the internet and technology to augment their course delivery.

This is why, one of the pioneers in the Education Industry named Byju’s the Learning App has designed their course materials in such a way that even the toughest topic related to science, mathematics and so on could be grasped even by small children in an exciting manner. By thoroughly understanding the fundamentals, students can solve any related questions easily. With the advancement of technology, getting solutions of different reference books has also become easy. For example, students can now get the RD Sharma Solutions for class 10 or 12 with ease.

The points mentioned below would validate the reasons behind backing the use of technology for educational purposes:

Helps to Research Topics:

Before the arrival of the internet, the research potential for both students and teachers were restricted to the number of books available on a particular topic in the library. This implies that the students were unable to continue their research unless the necessary materials like research papers were available at their disposal. The introduction of computers and the internet has resulted in the removal of these hindrances as all the important information is now made available at your fingertips. The only drawback is the presence of unauthentic information and this could be overcome by the visiting authentic websites like the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Worldwide Connectivity:

In this age of the internet, anything is accessible across the globe regardless of whether you want to access a product or information of any kind. Students around the world are able to discuss subjects of various genres that they study at their schools by posting their doubts on social media, online forums and sites related to education in particular. Virtual classrooms are another such kind of medium where students could attend classes from the comfort of their homes. Educational experts like Byju’s have been heard to provide the same to their students following curriculums like the CBSE syllabus.

Play Interactive Games Based on Education:

Most of us are aware of the fact that children like to play games both indoor and outdoor. Parents hence provide game consoles to their children to make them engaged in fun activities. The same applies to games and consoles that have been designed to augment the learning of children by playing games online like a spelling bee, solve math puzzles and much more turning the learning activity from being monotonous to something exciting.

Attend Webinars:

Everyone knows about that fact that it would be quite expensive to conduct study tours to the world-class museums or institutes and most schools are unable to afford them. The solution lies in attending the webinars that are mostly free or rarely paid that are conducted by them, by learning as much as you can. These events would provide you with a virtual experience almost like a real one.

The above points must have given you an idea of why technology has such a positive impact on education. Thus it could be stated without any doubt that technology would further revolutionize education in the years to come.

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