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Beautyby Ariana Smith15 June 2018

Cosmetic Products

Manufacturers should use innovative ingredients to correct and improve their cosmetic product formulas. Customers always want to fill their shopping baskets with smoother powders, brighter eyeshadows, and lipsticks that last all day long. The addition of new soft-touch boron nitride powders could be the perfect solution for manufacturers to answer all of these consumer needs and more.

Soft-touch boron nitride powders can offer a number of amazing benefits for cosmetic items like skin care, sun care, and color products. The ingredients were created by Momentive Performance Materials, one of the leading manufacturers of silicones, silicone derivatives and other visionary materials in the world. These materials can be sourced through the chemical ingredients supplier CCC Ingredients, which is a segment of Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited. A major company that has been thriving for almost a century and is one of the top independent distributors in the country. If you are hoping to add these multi-faceted powders to your product formulas, then this leading cosmetic ingredients supplier will be an excellent resource because of their years of industry experience, their awareness of current market trends and their in-depth customer service. They have a dedicated and professional team, which works to ensure that every step of the ordering process is on schedule and error-free.

These special ingredients are designed to create positive and tangible changes in a long list of cosmetic makeup products, including loose and pressed powders, concealers, foundations, mascaras, lip glosses and lipsticks. They also work for sunscreen lotions, body lotions and BB cream, which can stand for beauty balm or blemish base. Most of these items are considered makeup essentials that consumers will have stocked in their bathroom cabinets, purses and travel kits and will incorporate into their morning routine. Women are more likely to spend their money on these cosmetic items because they use them on a daily basis. Ideally, manufacturers should buy cosmetic ingredients that boost their performance and appeal, so that everyone wants their brand in their makeup bag.

The soft-touch boron nitride powders will instantly amplify the quality, the look and the feel of cosmetic products. They can eliminate the common annoyance where makeup highlights fine lines and wrinkles on the face, especially around the eyes and lips. They can also help products that are transfer-resistant the last longer without any need for touch-ups, so consumers can wear lipstick without worrying about reapplying after having a drink, eating food or giving a kiss. If you want to know the other desirable benefits that these powders can bring to items, here is a quick list of the ingredients’ features and capabilities:

  • Provide superior lubricity
  • Combine slip and adherence
  • Provide optimal pigment dispersion
  • Have exceptional oil absorption properties
  • Offer specialized pigment effects through crystalline variation

The cosmetic market is a very competitive industry and consumers can be especially picky about the products that they put on their makeup bags. Any manufacturer in the industry should think about mixing innovative ingredients into their formulas to ensure that their brand has a devoted and happy following.

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