Getting the Next Project Underway: 4 Industries That Make Use of Construction Mats

Real Estateby Mashum Mollah18 February 2020

Construction Mats

Don’t be put off by the name. Construction mats aren’t just used in the construction industry. They can stabilize any kind of heavy equipment ranging from cranes to excavators to specialized mining or drilling equipment. Read on to find out about four of the industries that use construction mats the most.

4 Industries That Make Use of Construction Mats:

Road Building

Building roads, especially highways, requires a lot of soil preparation. The problem is, while the roads will eventually be strong enough to support just about any kind of machinery that needs to be transported across them, the soil often needs to be stabilized to get the road in, to begin with. That’s where construction mats come in.

Construction mats can cover unstable soils, uneven terrain, utility lines, and even small ditches, providing a stable base for road-building equipment. There are different kinds of mats designed for different applications and environments, so find more information before choosing which ones to buy or rent for a road-building project.

Logging and Forestry

Logging companies typically rough inroads to access difficult to reach timber before they begin their operations but it makes little sense to waste valuable time and resources stabilizing soils and creating a permanent base for logging equipment in areas that will be reforested immediately. Construction mats provide a temporary solution that’s perfect for the logging industry. They can even allow access to wetlands, bogs, and other waterlogged areas that would be inaccessible without them.

Once the logging or forestry project has been completed, the mats can simply be removed without causing further damage to the environment. This prepares the way for replanting.

Environmental Remediation

Areas that have been severely damaged by former commercial or industrial applications often require environmental remediation. Projects range from removing contaminated soils to getting rid of waste materials and can occur on just about any kind of terrain. Construction mats provide a stable base for the equipment required to remove contaminated soil and other materials without causing further damage to the environment.

Without construction mats, substantial alterations may need to be made to the already damaged environment to ensure that it can safely accommodate the machinery. This isn’t the case when contractors use construction or access mats. Once the remediation project has been completed, engineers can simply withdraw their equipment, pull up the mats, and leave nature to do the rest.

Drilling and Pipelines

Commercial drilling projects require a lot of heavy equipment. Many forms of drilling can cause soil destabilization, though, which can make it tough for workers to get their jobs done safely and efficiently. Construction mats can be placed to accommodate heavy equipment and ensure that it will not be damaged should the soil shift during drilling operations.

They can also be used to build pipelines. Construction mats can bridge ditches and trenches without risking damage to pipelines that have already been laid below grade. Since heavy equipment only needs to be used when laying or repairing pipelines, it makes more sense to use construction mats than to make permanent alterations to the terrain.

The Bottom Line

Construction mats come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and materials so it’s easy for site managers to find the right ones to fit their needs. Those who aren’t sure what type of mat will be the best fit should get in touch with a supplier with questions before placing an order.

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