All You Have to Know About Renting an Apartment in Qatar

Real Estateby Mashum Mollah13 May 2021

Renting an Apartment in Qatar

Qatar has been the most appealing state in the Middle East.

The number of ex-pats and inhabitants of the state is increasing with every passing year. This situation has led to a steep rise in employment opportunities across different cities of Qatar. The upsurge in the incoming expatriates has seen steady progress in the real estate business. Most of the residents prefer apartments for rent in Qatar.

It is the most feasible option in a luxurious place like Qatar. The demand for modern flats and studio apartments has gone up in the last few years where offices going bachelors, individual residents, and small families prefer to live.

With all the required amenities like hospitals, markets, shopping complexes, distance from the workplace, schools etc., it will take a lot of research and effort to find the right place.

Pick The Right Neighbourhood:

Pick The Right Neighbourhood:

Finding the perfect neighborhood in a massive city like Qatar is time-staking. Most of them would take the help of the Real Estate Agents in Qatar to get work done effortlessly.

Moreover, the price of each property varies with different locations in the state. Therefore, pleasant neighborhoods are hard to find in a busy district like Qatar, but not an impossible task.

Filter The Options:

Qatar’s list of properties is abundant and varied. From luxurious penthouses, detached homes, Venice-themed villas facing the canals to budget-friendly, chic flats and

apartments are open to rent or buy for the residents. There are plenty of households available across different cities in Qatar, out of which renting an apartment is the most cost-effective option.

The rental rates also depend on other aspects of a property like furnishings, open spaces, backyards, and lawns. The prices of fully furnished homes are on the higher end. At the same time, semi and unfurnished homes are affordable and also an efficient option.

The Renting Procedure:

The classified section will help the renters find the property listing from which the person can finalize one apartment.

The renting process in Qatar is strenuous and can be completed effortlessly with the help of local estate agents in the region. Spending more time in the research process will give a clear idea before landing on one property.

Learning more about the property and its owner is quite significant. Even before the agreement is drafted, checking whether the apartment follows all the guidelines and is registered properly in the area allotted by the government and approaching the ministry of the municipality and urban planning for accessing the public ownership records and checking the background of the owner’s property.


It would be a great idea if all the papers are kept in handy. Qatar ID, employment details, employer’s ID or trade license, salary slips, post-dated cheques are required for submission during the registration phase. In

addition, marriage certificates, and other proofs should be submitted by married couples who are preparing to move into an apartment in Qatar.

Tenancy and rental agreements:

Agreement papers will be provided in both Arabic and a translated version in English. Usually, rental contracts are drafted for a year.

Therefore, it is important to read the points listed in the contract thoroughly. These contracts are drafted in a way where it favors both owners and the tenants. Many rental disputes generate when the tenant does not follow the legalities of rental agreements.

Staying and termination phase:

After signing off the agreement, families or individuals can move into their apartments with their belongings. Most vacations occur at the beginning of the end of summer due to children’s schooling schedules.

Therefore, rental agreements are usually terminated at the end of the stated time period mentioned in the contract. However, these contracts can be continued if the renter wishes to stay there for a prolonged period.

Security deposits:

Once the agreement is signed and done with, a specific amount must be paid to the property owner as a security deposit. Usually, it would be 2 to 4 month’s rent.

This deposit amount will be returned to the renter when vacating the apartment after deducting the damages and other miscellaneous costs only if required. To get back the deposit money in a hassle-free way, tenants can clean the apartment thoroughly before vacating.

They can also notify the owner about the pre-existing damages for which the tenant is not responsible for to avoid unnecessary confusion. Finally, they can fix minimal damages from the tenant’s side before handing the keys to the apartment owner.

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