Late-Night Getaway for Night Shift Workers (+ Driving Safety Tips)

Travelby Ariana Smith22 September 2020

Late-Night Getaway

Your workload isn’t getting any lighter. But instead of staying in the office, why not leave on time and enjoy a quick getaway? Unwinding for a bit can be an excellent way to prepare yourself for the mountain of tasks ahead. And if you’re joined by your friends or significant other, you may even gain motivation for the next couple of busy days.

Plus, working night shift means you can sleep for most of the day. As such, it would be exhilarating to spend the rest of the night after work seeing nice places and having fun.

Here are a few quick late-night getaway ideas, and pointers for staying safe on the road:

1. Coastal Areas

The beach can look magnificent at night, too. Stars are typically more visible at sea, so you can lay on the sand while waiting for shooting stars. And if it’s cold, you can light a bonfire and roast some s’mores. The peace and seclusion of the beach are perfect for deep conversations, too, setting the mood for heartfelt confessions, reminiscing great memories, and just enjoying each other’s company. You may even witness the sunrise if you went to the east side!

2. Metropolis

If you’re the type who thrives in the bustle of the city, go to districts that never sleep, like New York. Bars and clubs aren’t the only places to hang out in the metro; you can drive around and admire the buildings, paying attention to their details that you’ve never noticed before. Montreal, Canada, for example, is filled with centuries-old architecture and French bistros. Indeed, you’d feel thrilled discovering those gems.

3. The Mountains

For couples who’ve been lacking time for each other, a date night in a place like Utah would be perfect. The mountainous areas would call for an unplugging, allowing you and your significant other to focus on each other. The stunning views of the city lights beyond also make a beautiful backdrop for your photos. And if you fell in love with the place at night, you’ll love it as much in the day. Maybe you’d even end up booking hiking and trekking trips for later.

4. Historic Landmarks

If you’ve been longing to satisfy your fascination with history, find the nearest historic landmark and indulge in the nostalgic sights. Walk along the cobbles, gaze at the old-world buildings, and enjoy a snack and a drink. The Holy City in Charleston, California, is the ideal destination, but if you’re from somewhere else, you’d certainly find a place just as good!

Driving Safely:

People who are too excited for a late-night road trip can overlook defensive driving just because the streets are deserted. While it’s tempting to step on the gas pedal a little harder, the risks also heighten that way.

Remote areas tend to have unsafe roads, with low lighting and faulty pavements. Hence, aim your headlights correctly, dim your interior lights, and avoid being distracted. It would also be helpful to do your research before the road trip, so you can plan your route and avoid unsafe roads.

If you’re exploring the city, the hills, or the mountains, pay attention to the glass beads on the road paint. They glow in the dark, helping you stay on your lane.

Just because the getaway is a spur-of-the-moment decision means you should skip planning altogether. Before leaving the office, spare a few minutes to pick a destination, study the directions, and set your budget. The last thing you need is a ruined trip because of inconveniences that could’ve been avoided. And of course, ensure that whoever is driving is fit for the task!

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