Packing Up Your Apartment? Read These Handy Tips First

Real Estateby Mony Shah04 January 2024

Your Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting new chapter! But before the fun decorating comes the dreaded packing. Trying to figure out where to start and how to organize everything can seem overwhelming and stressful.

Follow these pro tips to seamlessly pack up your apartment for moving day:

Declutter Ruthlessly

As you pack room by room, be merciless about getting rid of what you don’t need. Have boxes or bags ready for donating and trash. If you haven’t used it in over a year, toss it! Fewer belongings equal fewer boxes and lighter lifting.

Organize By Room

Pack one room at a time and label boxes clearly by room and contents. This keeps things organized when unpacking in your new place. Mark boxes with essentials you’ll need right away as “Open First.” Pack items used less often first so you can unpack them last.

Protect Fragiles

Wrap delicate items like dishes, glasses, and artwork securely with packing paper or bubble wrap. Use crumpled paper as cushioning in boxes. Pack heavy items separately from breakables so weight doesn’t cause damage. Take extra care with treasured items.

Consolidate Bigger Items

Conserve packing space and moving truck room by storing out-of-season clothing and linens in large plastic bags or bins. Use suitcases for off-season clothes. Secure drawers inside dressers with tape and/or furniture straps, then tape/strap the entire dresser shut.

Disassemble bed frames and tie parts together if possible. Bundle loose curtain rods with towels or blankets. Take doors off cabinets and shelves to reduce bulky proportions. Get creative with consolidating bulky items!

Buy Quality Moving Boxes

Buy Quality Moving Boxes

Invest in new, sturdy cardboard boxes designed specifically for moving rather than reusing free boxes. Used grocery or liquor boxes tear easily under the weight of books and other heavy items. Purchase quality boxes in a variety of sizes – use smaller boxes for heavy objects to avoid overloading.

Record box contents, room assignment, and “Fragile” on the sides with a permanent marker. Use color-coded labels by room. This organized system makes for smooth unpacking later. Buy more boxes than you think you’ll need.

Consider Hiring Packing Help

For a stress-free move, consider hiring a professional packers and movers company to properly wrap and pack your belongings. Professional packers have extensive experience efficiently organizing, protecting, and packing household goods. They know techniques for wrapping fragile items and maximizing box space. This also saves you time and effort so you can focus on other move tasks. Do research to find reputable local packing services.

Wrap Furniture

Protect wood furniture from nicks and scratches by covering it with moving blankets. Use stretch wrap on upholstered couches and chairs. Disassemble what you can to move in pieces. Remove hardware and bag together with mounting screws.

Keep Tools Handy

Pack a “move day essentials” box with scissors, box cutters, tape, labels, markers, trash bags, and other useful unpacking items. This way you don’t have to frantically dig through boxes to find things. Keep it handy for outfitting your new place.

Back-Up Computer Files

Transfer important computer files and photos to an external hard drive or cloud storage. Keep this safe from moisture and shocks. Disconnect and pack computer components in protective bags.

Use Proper Moving Equipment

Use Proper Moving Equipment

Use strong tape or zip ties to secure box bottoms. Pack tape the tops and label with room/contents. Invest in furniture sliders and shoulder straps for moving. Dollies and hand trucks help transport stacks of boxes easily.

Schedule Donations Pickups

Schedule pickups from charities to collect any furniture, clothes, or household goods you’re donating well in advance of move-out day. This clears out space and prevents last-minute scrambling to discard extra belongings.

Pack An Open First Night Box

Pack a box of essentials you’ll need immediately like toilet paper, soap, snacks, phone chargers, pajamas, and an air mattress. Unpack this before anything else so your first night in the new apartment is comfortable.

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