Participating In An Exhibition? Success Lies In Stand Design!

Marketingby Mashum Mollah27 July 2017


If you are going to set up a stand at an exhibition, it needs to be well-designed and eye-catching to draw feet to your stand. After all, exhibiting is all about reeling in your customers and prospects. The problem is, everyone in your industry may be doing it – all vying for attention. So, how can you ensure your stand, well, stands out?

It’s All in the Design

Exhibiting is about catching the eye of your audience. Once you have done that, you can do what you need to, to keep them enthralled with your sales pitch, give them freebies, and impress them with your technology. But, it’s all about visual appeal and how your stand looks that is going to draw in the crowd. UK exhibition stand hire companies like Aspect Exhibitions can help you do just that.

Consider the Goldfish Effect

Too many stands at exhibitions lay their focus on bombarding attendees with information. While that is okay, let’s think about the logistics.

Attendees typically spend around 30 seconds to a few minutes at a stand before moving along to the next one. This sort of goldfish attention span is typical, so you need to give visitors reason to spend more time at your stand. One of the main aims of a great exhibition stand design is to make your stand that shiny, exciting one that everyone wants to gravitate to.


So, don’t be afraid to go big and bold. A dull banner is not going to draw attention – it’s going to be passed by. Curved display surfaces, though, moving pictures, and strategic use of lighting is a fantastic way to bring customers over to your stand.

Make It Interactive

Don’t be afraid to get interactive. Visitors really don’t want to just stand around while you offer leaflets, coffee, and freebies – they really don’t. But, they do want to feel involved. So, give them something to engage their senses. We’re not saying you need to play thumping music complete with strobe lights, but rather, use social media and technology to give your design a wow factor.

One idea is to develop a free app just for the show that will pick up on design themes in the stand. Give visitors a reminder or visual prompt to keep an eye out for these things and make it easy for them to access information about your brand and business when they want to, instead of walking off an arm full of brochures.

Whatever industry you may be in, exhibitions are a fantastic kick-start to the business year and a good opportunity to generate leads, reinforce your offerings in the market place or even launch a new service or product. Make sure your stand design focuses on a key strategy and use the tools you have to get your brand’s message across. An exhibition stand expert can work with you to ensure you stand design reels in attendees.

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