Are There Free People Lookup Tools? What You Need To Know

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People Lookup Tools

People lookup tools enable you to comb through public records databases to find the information you need about people.

Most people’s search tools cost money because they give you access to a wide range of public records databases that you would have to spend time looking through yourself, which could take days, weeks, or even months. Thankfully, there are some free people search tools available and even some of the best paid people search tools have free options available.

Read on to learn about the best options for a free people search and how you can leverage some free versions of the best search tools to find what you’re looking for.

What Is A People Search Tool?

A people search tool is a unique search engine that allows you to look through public records databases to find information about people. With these tools, if it’s a public record, you can usually track down inflammation with limited information about the person. For example, you might only need someone’s first and last name, IP address, address, or phone number. Ultimately, it depends on the tool that you’re using.

What Are The Benefits Of People Search Tool?

There are a few benefits of the people search tool. Let us explore them here for the sake of your convenience. 

One of the common benefits that you can reap with the help of these tools is enjoying complete ease. You do not need to be involved in hoofs and jumps to make the phone calls. Instead of it, you use the search engine to find crucial information. It is the reason why so many people use these tools. 

Another benefit that you are going to reap with the help of these tools is getting access to a lot of information. By doing these types of searches, you can find details regarding the criminal history and financial status. It can prove to be effective in diverse ways.  

These tools are more useful when you want to get the acces to the records of a specific individual. The procedure can save quite a lot of time.  Ultimately, you will be able to get all the information that you want and need with the online search. 

Our Top 5 Free People Lookup Tools

Free People Lookup Tools

When it comes to the best free people lookup tools, three choices come to mind. Our top picks include Google, Whitepages,, and some other dedicated people search engines.

Learn more about our top picks below.


When it comes to free people search tools, is one of the best options. While it’s not free to open the full report, you can run a basic search without spending a dime. Plus, often has promotions that allow you to get unlimited searches for five days and it only costs 99 cents. In this day and age, that’s about as free as it gets, and you can run as many searches as you want.

When it comes to, all you have to do is enter someone’s first and last name, address, and state into the people search engine. Let do the rest. The full report is easy to read, affordable, and better than the competition, which typically charges $30.

2). Zabasearch 

Zabasearch is a simple and easy tool to use. It allows you to search for people with their names or phone numbers. Once you run the search, you can open a report about them that includes some of their available public records. 

The report is comprehensive, we’ll give them that, but the advertisements at every corner of the website are jarring at times. Also, you can’t find a lot of past information about people. For example, you can’t find past addresses.

3). That’s Them 

That’s Them is another great choice when it comes to free people searches. Plus, they offer a service that many competitors don’t, which is allowing people to search for someone’s income with an IP address. Additionally, you get 10 free searches per day, so you don’t have to worry about spending any money if you only need to run a few searches.

While That’s Them is a good choice, the drawback is that the report is more limited than what you would find with a more comprehensive people search tool. You also only get 10 searches, and you can get more than that with a free trial from a different service if you want to do it that way.

4). PeekYou

PeekYou is a unique people search tool that’s focused on helping you find people’s social media accounts. With PeekYou, you can enter someone’s username, full name, or other information to evaluate their entire online presence. 

While PeekYou is a great tool, you need the premium plan to view a lot of information. Furthermore, you can’t find someone’s Facebook information with PeekYou.

5). Whitepages 

Whitepages has been around for what seems like forever. Back in the day, Yellow Pages was the main way to look up information about people, and books were sent to everyone. Today, Whitepages provides you with an online version of Yellow Pages. You get a few free searches when you use Whitepages, and the reports you get are solid (for the most part). Plus, you can view phone numbers and addresses without paying for anything.

The main drawback of Whitepages is that the information often needs to be updated. We tested the phone numbers we found, and the result was outdated phone number information.

Find Who You’re Looking For Today!

When it comes to finding someone, people search tools are the best way to do it. While Google is a great general search engine, you’ll end up wasting a ton of time if you try finding a specific person with it, especially if they don’t have a big social media following or public presence. 

Thankfully, any of the tools we covered can help you find what you’re looking for. While many of the tools we covered have a free version or a trial period, if you plan on doing a lot of searches, you should consider upgrading; even the most expensive options are cheaper than background check companies.

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