What to Do and Not To Do To Come Up With a Powerful Business Name

Businessby Adam Marshall14 June 2022

Deciding on a business name can be harder than you think. The name of your business must be compelling, indicative of what you do, relevant to your target audience, memorable, and unique. Complying with all the requirements can be challenging, but you need to focus on the job and not make any compromises that can affect the result. Some tips to follow for coming up with a compelling business name:

Be Patient

Unless you are extraordinarily creative or lucky, you should not assume that you will be able to think of a company name that checks all the boxes overnight. Among the things you need to do is think about words that describe your company, its products, and its services aptly. According to Forbes, you should think about words that tug at the emotions of your potential customers and build a connection with them. You can get ideas on how to structure the name by researching your competitors and learning what to avoid preventing customer confusion. It might also help to use words from foreign languages or cultures, but potential customers must understand them.

Think About What the Company Name Should Convey

The business name is central to the identity of the company. You should think of the core values of your business and how you connect with your potential customers. Your brand should be distinguishable amidst the clutter and noise in various offline and online media. Further, your customers should easily understand the nature of your goods and services and whether they are relevant to their needs. Ideally, you will want the company name to have synergy with the business sector and the audience profile. Do not attempt to keep names that depend on convoluted thinking for rationale. To generate company name, you can use online utilities free of charge.

Avoid Choosing Exceptionally Narrow or Literal Names

You should consider how your organization may evolve and ensure that the firm’s name has the potential to grow with your business. For instance, your original company name will be excessively restrictive or narrow if it is ‘iPhone Accessories’. In case you consider expanding into dealing in accessories for other brands in the future.

Consider Multiple Choices

Even though you have been fortunate enough to identify a name for your company that you love, you need to consider other options as well. You should choose multiple names suitable for your organization. Do not make the final choice prematurely. Take some time to deliberate over the suitability of the name. Once you are convinced, you may register the name.

Do Not Lose Heart If You Fail to Identify a Domain Name to Match

You would be looking for a perfect company name that seems available and free to register as a domain. However, you need to realize that .com domains have high demand, and it could be challenging to identify available matching domains for your company name.


Coming up with a brand name is not the easiest of tasks. You need to think hard about various issues and avoid pitfalls that can spell trouble for you. Research, hard thinking, and critical evaluation are the pillars of branding success.

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