Why 30-Second Videos Are Effective For Your Business

Businessby Ariana Smith12 June 2021


There isn’t probably any necessity to tell that video has become the most popular and widely disseminated instrument of marketing nowadays.

If you need to inform people about your brand, products, service, or special proposal, video helps much.

The overfilling with the information we all face in our common life has caused a general diminishing of a human’s attention spans. Hence, long videos with redundant info may be boring and irritating.

Besides, some researches show that customers ordering marketing service prefer shorter video and here are some additional reasons they explain they preference

— The shorter a video is the less it costs

— It is better to show and to say less than overdo

— The social media analysis claims that users only spend 30 seconds watching video on Facebook

— Abuse with the info antagonizes the clients

In such terms creation of the informative but extremely brief video presentations seems to be the prime solution that can stimulate prospects’ interest and your business growth.

The essence of such a short 30 seconds explainer video is that it interacts with both receptors hearing and seeing and doesn’t eat much time.

But the is one tricky thing — creating a video promoting a brand or service is not the same as creating a video explaining something or teaching something.

In any case, the main message needs planning and the working out of a script. Hence, there are so many things to consider when getting down to such video creation, and they shouldn’t be taken easy-minded. Otherwise, the whole instrument won’t work.

What Does A 30-Seconds Explanation Look Like?


Generally, such a marketing product is an animation that briefly answers the what / how / why or whatsoever questions. It aims to clarify ideas by describing enough details to make the whole thing accessible to comprehend.

Typical elements of the video are icons, illustrations, animated characters, typography, and voicing.

Of course, all the peculiarities should be bespoken before implemented as there be no contradictions to the client’s vision.

A well-done job is when the main message is delivered concisely, clearly and its essence resonates with the viewers. As an example, you can check for a video explain by Explain.ninja

Cue-Calling In The End

What is the reason you are going to use the 30 seconds videos? What is it for? Do you want to announce, introduce the product to the world, or inform that the item is now available?

Highly likely that all these don’t lead you to the purpose as you are probably launching all these to stimulate viewers to some action. But, there are so many videos that entertain us, though we do not desire any action when watching them.

Sometimes funny videos just make us fun but do not work as a selling instrument at all.

So, keep in mind that to employ this tool to sell the things you have to make sure that it contains a considerable cause to take action you expect the viewers to do. It means implying a hook that aims in the bullseye! It is about a synergic collaboration of the words, images, patterns, and sense that hits the viewer’s pain points, presents your efficient solution, and ignites the curiosity to step into the video’s sales funnel.

Some Features Of The 30-Second Explainer

The length: despite the short length of the whole video, still there should find some space for an animated logo. It is recommended to start with a hook with no delay hitting the crucial points and after the main message is presented show your brand — the logo and motto for 3-5 seconds.

Main message(s): such short videos do not suppose deep-diving. On the one hand, being brief arises chances of the video to be watched through, on the other hand — it might be insufficient to go deeper and engage viewers in some kind of storytelling revealing the utility of the service or product gradually.

But, the format supposes getting straight to the key messages without warming or teasing a viewer.

And do not forget to incorporate the call to action along with the info about your contacts.

Words amount: Consider that the voicing of a 30-second video shouldn’t sound unnaturally quick. Don’t try to induce too many words just to tell more. The congruent amount of the words for such format is something at the region of 75-85 words. So, use a counting tool while setting a timeline of a video.

Some more details are available here https://explain.ninja/30-second-video.


30-seconds videos are great, but they are not so efficient if your audience hasn’t heard much about you before. This tool allows you to remind a prospect about your products and to provoke action in case if he or she already knows your brand. But, if you launch some new product or just strive to become a market player, you need to use videos of a longer length to be capable to establish a relationship with the audience.

The best way is to combine videos of different lengths in the marketing campaign using different formats for different aims and channels.

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