4 Tips for Soundproofing Your Home Office

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah10 February 2021

Soundproofing Your Home Office

Before this year, office work was already moving toward digital spaces. With the ongoing pandemic and subsequent work-from-home policies adopted by many businesses, that trend has accelerated.

On the one hand, that’s great news for many workers who prefer the comfort and convenience of their own home over the office. It means they can cut out commuting, wear whatever they please (unless called to a Zoom meeting!), and spend more time with family.

On the other hand, homes aren’t typically the quiet sanctuary that offices are. They can be loud, with kids playing, TVs blaring, and outside noise from traffic and neighbors penetrating the home. To solve this lingering issue with at-home work and fully enjoy your remote experience.

Here Are Four Tips For Soundproofing Your Home Office

1. Invest in Triple Glaze Windows

Triple Glaze Windows

Inefficient, low-quality windows will, unfortunately, allow in a lot of outdoor noise. If you live in a high-traffic area, or if your neighbors have a penchant for mid-day lawnmowing, it is a wise idea to invest in triple glazed windows – windows with three glass panes, separated by argon fills.

Not only will triple glazed windows help soundproof your home office, but they will improve the overall thermal insulation in your home, meaning you will pay less on your energy bills. For quality-made triple glazed windows, find a company like Golden Windows that designs, manufactures, and installs all of their products.

2. Use Rugs, Wall Hangings, and Plush Furniture

Wall Hangings

If you are seeking to dampen indoor noise, consider decorating your home office with sound-absorbing materials.

Hard materials like wood and metal tend not to absorb sound, instead of allowing it to reverberate. That’s why it is best to choose soft materials, like rugs and rug pads, upholstered furniture, fabric wall hangings, etc., to keep your office soundproof. Additionally, you can choose sound-absorbing window treatments for your new triple glazed windows to further inhibit outdoor noise from penetrating.

3. Consider Installing Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

You will often find acoustic panels lining the walls of recording studios and film sets to ensure as little interruption as possible in the recording process. Luckily, you can utilize these selfsame panels to soundproofing your home office.

Often made of foam and applied to the wall with an adhesive backing, acoustic panels are an inexpensive and straightforward way to soundproof. The only issue is that they aren’t the prettiest addition to your home décor, and removing them can leave small bits of adhesive stuck to your wall.

4. Install a New Door

New Door

With your window, floor, furniture, and wall took care of, the last thing to soundproof is the door. You can soundproof a door several ways, but the most effective way is to replace it altogether with a new, sturdier door. If your home office is located near the home’s front door, you may also consider replacing the front entry system to improve soundproofing. Choose a wood or aluminum door with a sill that meets flush with the panel. This way, no sound will leak through the bottom.

If your only work-from-home frustration is a little noise, follow these simple soundproofing tips. With a quiet at-home sanctuary, you can enjoy all the benefits of working from home without any of the hassles.

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