Top Priorities For Home Buyers In 2023: Looking At Surrey’s Elmbridge, Cobham, And Claygate

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Priorities For Home Buyers

As the Surrey and London property markets evolve, home buyers progressively seek distinctive amenities in their prospective new homes. According to leading estate agents in Surrey, home buyers in 2023 seek homes with a balance of classic and contemporary characteristics. They prefer houses with outdoor areas, a sense of community, and high energy efficiency.

In recent years, home buyers demonstrating a special inclination towards Elmbridge, Cobham, and Claygate. And they are looking for unique features to set their residences apart.

What specifically are buyers seeking in these places, then? Let’s focus on the top three elements that are in great demand: community spirit, outdoor space, and energy efficiency.

Why Do People Move To Surrey?

People look for houses in Surrey’s Elmbridge, Cobham, and Claygate for various reasons. These regions are popular choices by a broad demographic since they blend historic and modern amenities. A good standard of living is available in Elmbridge, Cobham, and Claygate, which draws in families with children.

Due to their proximity to London, Elmbridge, Cobham, and Claygate prefer by commuters. With frequent trains and buses linking them to London and other surrounding towns and cities, the regions offer good transportation options.

Last but not least, Surrey renews for its scenic surroundings, with many homes providing access to parks and countryside trails. People who are looking to escape the bustle of urban life are drawn to it because of its calm, laid-back atmosphere.

Desirable Features Of Homes In Elmbridge, Cobham, And Claygate, Surrey For Homebuyers In 2023

Here’s what home buyers seek the most.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

In 2023, home purchasers placed a high focus on energy efficiency. In a poll by the National Association of Home Builders, 86% of respondents rank energy efficiency as a crucial consideration when buying a new house. And also making it the second most valuable feature among purchasers. In addition, buyers must conscious of how their houses would affect the environment. Buyers want to lower their energy costs.

Several homes in Elmbridge, Cobham, and Claygate undergo renovations or development to meet various energy-efficient requirements. This is starting from the rise of solar-paneled homes and smart home technology. That enables homeowners and home buyers to keep an eye on and manage their energy use.

Property adapts to fulfill these regulations are of special significance to homebuyers in these locations. The Energy Saving Trust said that retrofitting homes to increase energy efficiency can save energy costs by up to 25%. The demand for homes with energy-efficient features like insulation, effective heating systems, and low-energy lighting numbers is increasing as a result.

Outdoor Spaces

Due to the pandemic, people’s need for outdoor areas increases more than ever. 78% of homebuyers rank access to outdoor space as a high priority when looking for a new home, according to a report by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

In fact, residences with gardens are in such great demand that they cost a premium price. Zoopla reports that in Elmbridge, properties with gardens sold for an average price of £935,000 in 2021 instead of £797,000 for properties without one. A similar pattern was found in Cobham, where homes with gardens typically sold for £1,079,000 on average, as opposed to £968,000 for homes without.

Moreover, home buyers often draw to properties for sale in Surrey with outside spaces that are enjoyable all year round, in addition to those with large outdoor spaces. Homes covering with patios and outdoor heaters, which offer cover and warmth even during winter months, are included in this class.

Community Spirit

A recent poll by the National Association of Home Builders found that 75% of property buyers consider a feeling of community to be important when looking for a new home. The demand for a strong feeling of community increases due to a society where more people work from home and spend more time inside.

Homes in Elmbridge, Cobham, and Claygate that are closer to neighborhood amenities like stores, dining options, parks, and schools are in high demand. These features provide people with the chance to get to know their neighbours and foster a feeling of community. For instance, Cobham High Street features a variety of stores, cafés, and eateries that are favorites among both locals and tourists.

Homes that are part which any neighborhood are likewise quite sought-after. Home buyers are searching for homes that provide a feeling of belonging in the close-knit neighborhoods that Elmbridge, Cobham, and Claygate are known for. These can include residences that are part of a competent homeowner’s organization or homes which situates in well-known neighborhoods with strong links to the local community.

To Sum Up

Finally, home buyers in 2023 are hunting for residences that combine classic and modern elements. Three of the most crucial characteristics that purchasers are looking for are energy efficiency, outdoor areas, and a spirit of community.

 Properties that fit these specifications are particularly desirable in Elmbridge, Cobham, and Claygate, making these neighbourhoods excellent choices.

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