How to tracker your kid’s location: FamiSafe Parental control app

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FamiSafe Parental control app

Are you unsure of wherever your kid goes when school? Are you suspecting they may be lying to you regarding the places they visit? Are distressed that your kid may be rambling with the incorrect company?

Kids and mobile devices may be a chilling combination. Whether or not your nestling is simply setting out to use your family pill or you’re teenage incorporates a new smartphone of her own, verify the big variety of apps and package — free and paid — that you simply will use to watch and limit her mobile activity. If you wish to track a cell phone of your kids to own some privacy and independence online, however, worry regarding things like cyberbullying or an excessive amount of screen time, these apps could facilitate.

Well, as a parent, it’s traditional to fret regarding your kid as a result of your wishes to make sure they’re safe in the least times. That’s why it’s vital to you recognize their whereabouts in the least times. And, what higher manner than to trace their telephone location?

The security and safety of your kid are a few things you ought to ne’er compromise. As an accountable parent, you ought to do everything attainable to make sure their safety and welfare. The simplest thanks to keeping track of their whereabouts in the least times are by following their telephone location. So the FamiSafe parental control app not only monitors location; it also uses it to watch your child’s different phone activities.

 Why Track Your Child’s cell phone Location?

Fogeys need to grasp their child’s whereabouts and all-day activity to make sure their safety. The increasing cases of missing youngsters and kidnappings around the world are a supply of concern for each parent. Moreover, typically children will grind to a halt somewhere or head to places they shouldn’t. Therefore, it’s best to forever remember your child’s whereabouts to make sure their safety and security.

 How typically do oldsters lose track of their kids?

Parenting will desire swarming cats, particularly throughout family outings to places like amusement parks or festivals. It’s harsh to stay up along with your kiddos, even once you’re on the lookout.

We asked four hundred oldsters with children between ages three and twelve regarding their experiences with keeping track of their children. We tend to found that it’s pretty common for youths to slide out of sight.

Twenty seconds of the fogeys we tend to surveyed lost track of their children for a minimum of an hour. Which range nearly triples for fogeys of kids with special desires?

Special features provided by the location tracking FamiSafe parental control app:

  • This FamiSafe parental control app permits you to urge the period location of your child. This helps the fogeys to urge round the live location of the child with precise accuracy. Since you can’t decide your children to grasp wherever are they at a selected time you’ll simply track this location of your child by victimization the parental management application.
  • You will simply grasp the period location of your child at any time. The fogeys could also be busy performing some different work and their children could also be here and there. Currently, the fogeys needn’t worry regarding the placement of their kid and even they will get the placement anytime and anyplace.
  • The oldsters might check the youngsters are within the faculty or at the house by victimization the special options of the GPS tracking system within the FamiSafe location tracking feature.
  • Your children are simply prohibited from aiming to some strange or unsafe places that aren’t meant renunciation or visiting by a child.

Pricing plans by FamiSafe parental control app:

This app offers you a free trial of three days. This provides you all the options accessible and you’ll even have access to all or any options so you’ll perceive the options provided to you by applying and you will get an attempt before getting in the premium plans discovered by the placement following app.

  • It prices $59.99 annually that is similar to $4.99 per month and you’ll defend up to thirty devices with all the options in them.
  • The monthly arrangement consists of simply $9.99 per month and you’ll even defend up to five devices with all the options in them.
  • This app additionally offers you a premium arrangement of quarterly payments. The quarterly payment is $19.99 per quarter. It’s similar to $6.66 per month which may assist you to guard up to ten devices with all the options of the placement management app in them.

Here are buttons to download this app:


The one smartest thing regarding the parental control application that it’s compatible with a wild varies of mobile devices like a mechanical man and iOS nine to thirteen. Other than mobile phones, this app also can be useful in observance tablets and even non-public laptops. It additionally set alarm within the state of affairs for the fogeys once their children aren’t in an exceedingly safe place.

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