The Insider’s Guide to Agriculture Industry Trends in 2022

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Agriculture Industry Trends

Throughout the country and across the rest of the world, the agricultural industry has a tremendous economic footprint.

Knowing about the current trends in this space is beneficial for nearly every financial sector, from education to restaurants and hospitality. 2022 brings some unique agriculture industry trends to the field.

If you are thinking of investing in the agricultural fields. Then must know the current trends in the agriculture industry. Every year the trends keep changing.

And if you are looking through the records for the last five years, you will understand how abruptly the agricultural field has started to keep changing. 

Insider’s Look To Agriculture Industry Trends In 2022

The new firming equipment is starting to be introduced, and this will improve the productivity of the land. Like this, there are many more changes that are slowly taking place.

Most of these trends are directly linked with the new technical inventions of the equipment.

Here are seven current trends in the agriculture industry. Read it and understand how the system keeps changing.

1. Regenerative Agriculture

Dealing with climate change and addressing sustainability are significant trends this season, and with a 35% decrease in cropland due to soil erosion between 1982 and 2017, mitigating these effects is vital to future sustainability. 

Partnering with experienced industry professionals like Granite Seed ( assists in providing soil erosion solutions to reverse this trend.

2. Plant-Based Proteins

Encouraged by meat shortages in several places throughout the globe and consumers’ desire for cleaner, healthier food options, the plant-based protein market substantially increased during the pandemic. 

Today, farmers struggle to keep up with the overwhelming demand for these products. The agriculture industry trends in 2022, are more based on the firming with the plant-based proteins and the fibers, which are more nutritious by nature.

3. Electric Vehicles

The increased productivity of electric agricultural vehicles over their internal combustion engine counterparts has been driving this agricultural trend for much longer than the recent spike in fuel prices. 

The increased torque of the electric motor means that it can pull heavier loads and increase efficiency. Current trends in the agriculture industry are to use the electric requirements and improve productivity. Yes, when you have a long loaf in the field, the electric tractor and water pumping machines are always going to help you.

4. Animal Vaccines

Foodborne diseases in livestock are a worldwide health concern. Using livestock vaccines against foodborne diseases and parasites improves animal health and helps fight common infections before these animals enter the food chain.

Animal use in the agricultural field is not getting stopped. Animal use is always the trend in the agriculture industry. So it is always better to protect your animals from airborne disease. Even through these vaccinations, you can minimize the chances of parasite attacks.

5. Agricultural Drones

Now using drones is included in the agriculture industry trends have been in use for several years, but this trend increases with their increased capabilities. Today drones are capable of agile flight in difficult-to-reach areas under harsh weather conditions. 

Advances in technology have produced agricultural drones that are easier to fly and provide additional information such as soil conditions. Using these unmanned aerial vehicles, farmers can monitor field conditions and crop growth and conditions remotely. These devices are also used to monitor livestock locations and remotely survey fences and fields.

6. Hemp

The market for industrial hemp products is expected to grow by over 20% per year between 2022 and 2027. The agricultural industry is positioned to reap the benefits of this growth.

As a result of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, hemp production is now legal, setting hemp apart from other cannabis plants.

Hemp is used for making thousands of products, including fabrics, textiles, rope, bioplastics, and biofuel, and hemp’s future product development picture is promising as the new agriculture industry trends.

7. Encouraging Future Farmers

With an average age of 60, attracting young people to farming and agriculture is essential for the industry’s overall survival. The USDA is currently working on the programs to work with beginning farmers and ranchers by helping them increase their profit margin and attain sustainability. 

The new agriculture industry trends are to assist young farmers with low-interest loans through USDA  and grants to help ensure that they start on the right foot.

Wrap up

The common agriculture industry trends like air, water, and food are essential to the human species continued survival. Therefore, understanding the needs of the people who raise and grow food to feed the population is in everyone’s best interest. So what is your opinion about the latest agricultural evaluations and the changes? Let us know through the comment sections.

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