Budding Business Entrepreneur Has Your Back: From Chiropractor To Public Speaker

Health & Fitnessby Ariana Smith12 January 2018

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Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour: New World Chiro:

This article looks at how one health professional has stepped up into the realm of business entrepreneurship while keeping true to her healthcare past. We take a look at the forward-thinking and passionate chiropractor Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour in this blog profile.

After suffering from migraine headaches for years, Rosemary Jabbour merged the knowledge she had gained while working in the medical research field with her more recent chiropractic training to establish New World Chiro which provides bespoke care to their many clients.

Dr. Rosemary Jabbour spends her days making other people’s lives better – an honorable pursuit by any standard — and when combined with her astute business skills has allowed her to lead an uber-successful healthcare business that shows every possibility of continued success and growth.

Budding Business Entrepreneur Has Your Back


While in her final university year, Rosemary was headhunted by a well-known HR firm to work with athletes at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Rosemarie is also a recipient of the 2004 Western Sydney Young Chiropractor of the Year award in her early chiropractic career and more recently has won the Most Outstanding Service Award from the World Chiropractic Alliance, but what gives Rosemary the most gratification is delivering the best possible care to her patients.

Over time, constantly practicing her ethical formula for success has turned the brand of Dr. Rosemary Jabbour into a recognizable name in the Australian healthcare industry as her business continues to boom.

Dr. Jabbour says a large part of her success has been as a result of employing the right people and ensuring everyone she works with buys into the vision she has set for New World Chiro. It is a vision that Rosemary hopes will take her to the next level.

Franchising New World Chiro appears to be the next goal, which will allow her to help more people to live evermore productive and fulfilling lives.

She sees an organic pathway forming between major corporations and selected chiropractors where a recommended Doctor of Chiropractic is responsible for the spinal health of every employee, management, and other staff in the corporation — a one-stop, corporate-approved Chiropractor – which should prove beneficial for both the patient and the Doctor, and allows long-term healthcare treatment from a proven and trusted healthcare provider.

Doctor Jabbour is also keen on growing public education via public speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars to bring the benefits of chiropractic medicine to as many people as possible.

Reaching the widest possible audience with the latest chiropractic news in both the public and corporate space should work to lower overall healthcare costs in Australia, allow people to become more productive and to lead happier pain-free lives, and further the personal and career goals of ever-larger numbers of Australians.

All who work in the healthcare profession are noble persons, but few are more welcome than those healthcare professionals whose expertise allows them to lower pain levels of their patients and help them to become more productive employees.

From migraine sufferer to profession-leading icon, Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour embodies all that is good about the medical profession, and we wish her well!

Read more about Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor) here: https://www.newworldchiro.com.au/about-1/dr-rosemarie-jabbour-chiro/

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