Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Period Products

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Choose Eco-Friendly Period Products

Let’s be honest: ladies go in menstrual periods usually from age 12 to 55, on average, and in a world of capitalism it means only one thing – profit. That’s right, the feminine hygiene sector is an enormous industry, worth billions.

Each month, ladies across the globe spend between $2 to $20 per month on disposable products that they have to use!

You may love the world around you, and you may have a zero-waste kitchen and home-made soaps, but if you use-and-toss feminine hygiene products you are still adding to the issues. Simply said, you are not a part of the solution, but part of a problem.

Luckily, people are taking a turn toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. This type of living means one thing among others: eco-friendly products, products designed to last and to be re-used.

Now, you can ditch tampons and pads for good thanks to better, healthier, and more sustainable menstrual products.

Having An Eco-friendly Period:

Having An Eco-friendly Period

It’s an open secret that both tampons and disposable pads are full of chemicals and even polymers that can harm your body.

In many cases, they aren’t leak-proof, and some can even lead to sweaty skin and even create moist and itchy areas on your tights and even lady parts.

Plus, having anything full of chemicals on you, or inside of you, can eventually lead to serious illness and even death in some rare cases (like when you let tampon stay in for more hours than it’s recommended!).

So, what can you do to maintain your health, have more comfortable periods, and help the Planet at the same time?

Well, it is simple: all you have to do is to choose eco-friendly period products. Here is why.

Zero Waste Period:

Each month ladies across the globe use and toss 5.8 billion tampons that ended up in the trash. Menstrual products are labeled as a medical waster and aren’t tracked, but scientists can still track how much waster they create.

If you choose to have more eco-friendly periods, you should know that there are zero waste periods, if you choose to use menstrual panties, instead of tampons and disposable pads.

Not that they are only eco-friendly, but menstrual panties are also comfortable, healthy, practical, and reliable. This zero-waste alternative is effective. Menstrual panties are washable and adapt easily to all types of flows.

Menstrual panties are far from being grandmas’ or momma’s panties. They have a modern design, they are cute, and can fit any pants.

Not ready to switch to washable period options? Not a problem, as long as you are open to this idea.

It will take time, real-life testing, adjustment, and of course washing. However, in a matter of few days, you will see that washing isn’t that time-consuming and that living a truly zero-waste life just takes time.

Talk with your friends about menstrual panties and see whats their opinion on the topic. You might be surprised to learn that they are probably thinking about the same things – practical, healthier, and cheaper menstrual periods!

Happy eco-period!

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