Business Sectors That Rely on White Glove Logistics

Technologyby Mashum Mollah31 May 2021

White Glove Logistics

We are certainly living in a digital world and as old mechanical equipment is replaced by highly technical digital devices, this calls for a unique kind of logistics, namely white glove logistics. 

To give you a good example of white-glove services, let’s take a brand-new MRI scanner, which is due to be delivered to a hospital; the manufacturer would deliver the equipment to a prearranged location near the hospital and the white glove technicians would then take over.

There are many challenges in transporting a large and expensive piece of equipment and securing it in place, then calibrating and setting up the equipment, ready for use. 

Business Sectors That Rely on White Glove Logistics-

A new generation of smart equipment is evolving as we move further into the digital age. White glove logistics is playing a key role in smart technology and people are getting aware of the same. 

The definition of white-glove logistics is the touch screen information boards, gaming & vending machines, ATM equipment, all forms of digital signage, touch screen information boards, gaming & vending machines, medical equipment, positioning of digital equipment, handling, transportation, and much more. 

Here are some of the business sectors that rely massively on white glove logistics:

1. Banking & Finance:

1. Banking & Finance:

Next time you use an ATM, spare a thought for the team of technicians that introduced the equipment and it is the white glove technicians that also service these machines. 

Stock markets and other trading institutions demand a secure, high-speed network that is protected and the white glove logistics provider has you covered. 

2. Medical & Healthcare:

State of the art hospital equipment is transported and installed by a team of white-glove technicians from a foremost UK firm such as Rhenus High Tech, who are certified by the manufacturer to handle the equipment. 

Final mile delivery is just one of the services offered by the white-glove provider and with their expertise, the equipment is safely secured and installed, ready for use. 

Full technical installation is often required and in some cases, reverse logistics need to be carried out, which involves removing the equipment and taking it back to the manufacturer, often having to replace the unit.

3. Fitness Sector:

3. Fitness Sector:

All of the hi-tech equipment found in a gym or fitness center is installed, set up, and supported by the white glove team. They even teach the staff how to bring machines online and how to clear the memory and operate the system from a central control panel. 

White glove technicians stay with a specific type of equipment and part of their job is to attend workshops to enable them to work with new equipment. They must be certified by the manufacturer to handle the equipment and that involves a lot of learning.

4. Gaming & Entertainment:

4. Gaming & Entertainment:

The machines you see in pubs and clubs are installed and supported by white glove teams and when you next visit a casino, the slots are also the domain of the white glove technician, who has to get security clearance for this work. Click here for information about technology that can boost customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, entertainment facilities in clubs or pubs are serviced and installed by the white glove team, who are constantly on call for crucial repairs. 

5. Retail:

More and more retail outlets are using touch-screen signage and information boards, which are also found in museums and shopping malls. The huge digital advertising screens are made up of smaller units connected together and this is a job for white glove teams.

6. Tech Companies:

Now, if your company belongs to this category, then you can take the help of white-glove logistics if you ever need a data-centered relocation. They will assist you in setting the new data centers, install the racking and bring the servers online. 


If you resemble for a satisfying career, white-glove logistics could be the ideal profession; here is some career information from the UK government, which is essential reading for those wishing to enter the job market. Besides, if you have any doubts based on the above information, you can mention them in the comment section below!

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