10 Reasons to Buy Property in Spain

Real Estateby Sumona21 February 2022

property in Spain

If you are seriously thinking about the purchase of the property abroad, you are faced with a truly difficult task. Which country can be chosen? Great growth potential and, above all, good profitability, of course, characterizes investing in off-plan projects in Spain. Let’s analyze whether it is profitable to invest in real property in Spain. Here is the agency Spain-Real.Estate. lists some of the advantages of this investment variant.

10 reasons to acquire property in Spain

10 reasons to acquire property in Spain

1. The favorable Mediterranean subtropical climate which is so beneficial for the human body will make you feel comfortable even in the deep of winter, since the temperature in Spain drops to zero degrees very rarely, and the number of sunny days a year reaches 350;

2. The health benefits of such a climate are obvious: we get vitamin D through the sun’s rays, and the sea’s ionized air strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Chronic diseases recede before seawater, pressure normalizes, metabolism accelerates and the nervous system strengthens;

3. Favorable ecology, clean air is not a luxury in Spain, but the norm of life. Thanks to adherence to the rules for cars operation and conduct of matters, it is easy to breathe here even in megacities;

4. With the rise in prices for domestic property, the purchase of a house on the shores of the Mediterranean no longer seems like an unattainable dream. And to purchase real property in the resort you like means to save the money on vacation without mentioning the income that such housing will bring by renting it out;

5. In Spain, the housing is built for a full due. The quality of construction here allows the housing to be operated without the need for significant repairs for at least 15 years. Objects are rented “turnkey”, that is, with high-quality decorative finishes (sometimes even at the choice of the client), a fully equipped kitchen and plumbing;

6. Buying real property in Spain automatically opens up many borders, because homeowners are entitled to receive an annual Schengen visa;

7. The stability of the political situation in Spain, as well as the transparency of legislation in the field of property, gives reason to talk about the high security of such investments:

8. The Spanish property market has an extremely high potential for long-term investment. In a prosperous, economically developed country, the property will undoubtedly grow in price;

9. Housing will be able not only to cover the costs of its maintenance but also bring additional income to its owners – about 5-6% per year of its value. There are companies involved in finding tenants, collecting rent, looking after housing, and so on. By concluding an agreement with one of these companies, you take off all the hassle associated with housing;

10. Among other things, real property in Spain is also a sign of the wealth of the owner, his high social status. A person who knows how to manage his income, who cares about his future, inspires considerable respect. And then, the owner of real property can freely move around the world and feel like a full-fledged citizen of it. It gives life a new quality.

Get assistance in the selection of housing in Spain

Get assistance in the selection of housing in Spain

If you need help choosing, we recommend you to contact the specialists of Spain-Real.Estate. Professional realtors will advise you, tell you about all the opportunities of moving to the country, and help you decide on the region. The company also renders assistance in transactions, performs all reviews, offers legal support.

Start searching for housing in Spain now!

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