How to Care For Your Semi Truck Fenders and Bumpers

Automotive by  Mashum Mollah 28 October 2018

taking care of semi truck bumpers

Truck bumpers and fenders may be the two parts of a vehicle that are most relegated to the back of the owner’s mind. This is a huge mistake; these two parts are actually vital in the safety of your car and passenger.

All truck bumpers have varying shock absorbency. The factors determining the effectiveness of a bumper are mostly the measurement of overhang and the built-in lights. Standard semi truck bumpers are required to prevent major damage to the vehicle’s body in cases of low impact collisions, where you are going at a speed slower than 5 mph.

A truck fender is the part of the vehicle that frames the wheel. The primary purpose of a fender is to prevent dirt and debris from being sprayed everywhere while driving.

The key to keeping your truck up and running as smoothly as possible for a long time is proper maintenance and regular check-ups.

Wash with All Purpose Cleaner

Maintain a clean and dirt free fender and bumper by regularly cleaning. Cleaning your truck fender should not prove a very difficult task; all you need is water, some all purpose cleaner and a cloth. Wet the cloth and wipe the area to remove dirt and debris. Sometimes, dirt may get clogged up in the harder to reach parts of the truck fender. In cases like that, you may need a water hose to wash out the area with forceful jets of water.

Purchase Fender Flares

Fender flares are an accessory for trucks. They protect from rust and block mud and debris. Truck models with wider tires are most suited for this fender accessory. Some trucks come with fender flares, but most do not. The flares are often made of lightweight material like fiberglass to allow flexibility, but some double hump fenders are made of heavier material like metal to allow for better durability. Iowa 80 chrome shop is a great place to find all kinds of truck parts and accessories.

Ensure all Bolts are Properly Attached

Make certain that the bolts and knots that secures the fender to your truck hardware is properly attached, not too tight, but well fitted. Check these bolts often to ensure they are properly attaching the fender and the frame and are secure. If the mounting hardware gets broken or damaged in any way, be sure to replace them as soon as possible. Maintaining a mounting hardware in good condition relieves unnecessary stress placed on the fender due to the frame being bent or broken.

Prevent Rusting

A truck can rust on several places, especially areas with metal; including on the bed, exhaust and fender. Rust starts slowly and can be extremely difficult to get rid of once it takes hold. Salt and water are one of the biggest rust accelerators, even on surfaces that are naturally rust-resistant, salt can break down those barriers and begin the rusting process. Rust will first show itself in the form of bubbles underneath the paint. The bubbles are an indication that moisture has penetrated your truck’s paintwork and oxidation might have begun.

The best step to take against rust is by taking precautions. Although most new trucks come with anti rust body work and rust resistance, proper care and maintenance of your truck’s paint job is the sure bet way to avoid rusting. You can also apply waxes to further protect your truck fender and bumper against rust.


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