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Job & Career by  Mashum Mollah 29 October 2020

Project Management

Who doesn’t wish to live a settled life with job satisfaction and a salary which keeps pocket happy? Well, it is possible with a career as a project manager. Along with a satisfying salary, the position received topmost respect in the current world. Are you all thinking of reaching a job with the highest regard and a quality salary? Then, you are on the right page. Go on reading the blog; we will help you find the best way to do so.

We will discuss how becoming a project manager will accelerate your career. For that, let’s understand what project management is and what its scope is.

What is Project Management?

Project management looks after a well-organized and successful execution of a project by meeting the requirements and goals to use skill, process, deliverables, tools & techniques in project activities. Projects are part of our everyday life, be it at the workplace or home. Let us consider working on a project in your office – you are contributing or delivering to the project with reports, building a website, or working on any tool or product. And at home – making dinner for the family, planning a dream vacation, and many such examples. Be it any task; it requires management.

Here, we will be discussing the project management required in the business. Projects are carried out to reach a specific goal. A few examples of business projects would be:

To improve employee productivity – working on software development, to reduce call volume to business – building the web site’s design to conduct community events – constructing a building.

Be it any of these projects, and there is a need for a team of people responsible and looking after different project aspects. To ensure that the team is delivering on time and with expected quality, a project manager is assigned.

What are the responsibilities in Project Management?

The role of project managers differs from position to position and organization to organization. But the primary role and responsibility in project management remain consistent. The duties include working on: Agile methodologies, Traditional approaches, Process-based methodologies, Setting and managing expectations, Crafting process, Creating project plans, Resource planning, Analyzing and managing risks and issues, Team leadership, Facilitating communications and collaboration, Change management methodologies, Planning and defining scope, Crafting process, Managing tasks, Time/cost estimating, Monitoring and reporting project status, Strategic influencing, Planning and facilitating meetings.

Project management is a challenging job profile as it tries to make everything happen just as expected. However, this can be made easy with the help of project management professionals – PMP certification.

Project Management Process

No one track process can help in managing all the projects. Many of the companies make mistakes due to the same reason. They pretend that the process they have developed will work for all the projects. However, there is always a need to tweak it. The method of project management is as followed:

1. Research, Planning, Discovery:

A study in the form of competitive analysis, user research, market research, etc. are needed to be performed to determine the validity of the project. The critical process is followed to define the goals and requirements and decide what needs to be built or designed. For Planning, the team should meet and discuss how they choose to work together and execute it. Outside factors should also be discovered and considered.

2. Execution:

Once the planning and research part is done, the project is to be executed. The project execution is possible using agile, waterfall, or other related processes. In this phase of working, you will find creation, review, time for collaboration, iteration. PM is most active in this stage since it is riddled with disputes, delays, changes, etc.

3. Measuring, Testing, Iterating:

The process should match the talent and value of the company. Hence, once the project is started, it should be tracked. If you want to make sure that the project reaches the end goal, the result should be tested and altered. If the people on the team are unhappy while working on the project, then it would be quite evident that the project management process was not up to the mark to meet the expectations. The PMP certification can help in mastering the PM skills.

Benefits of Project Management 

Having a PM in the team is like having a dedicated person to make sure the work is done at the right time. The team’s tasks run smoothly due to the presence of a PM, and if not, it’s made smooth with the help of discussion and bringing up the solutions. It makes the team happy, which leads to a suitable input of every member and then a successful product. Even the organization is relaxed when they have a PM on the role since they know that they have someone looking after why, how, and when something should happen.

Managing the task and keeping track of everyone and managing other things is a tedious task without a PM. It happens because there exists no methodology or strategy in the working process. On the other hand, when the PM looks after it, the stress remains no more since the team delivers solutions together. As the projects keep changing, the factors keep changing. The PM knows what are the risks or issues in the Planning of a new project.\

Since the team remains focused on the work, the quality of the outcome increases. The PM keeps reviewing, proofreading, and keeping track to ensure flawless execution of the task.


The project manager’s work is like “behind the scenes” and plays a vital role in the project’s flawless execution. Project managers are paid well, and the part also offers job satisfaction. The PMP certification will help you stand out from many applicants and help you get your dream job and salary since you will be a trained professional.

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