Celebrate Spring With A New Delightful Family Photoshoot

Photography by  Ariana Smith 02 May 2018 Last Updated Date: 27 August 2020

Family Photoshoot

The spring has completely transformed the world beyond your front door — tulips are bursting in bloom,the grass is turning green and birds are singing on treetops. Celebrate the sublime shift away from cold dreary winter into a warmer, sunnier season by having a family photoshoot.

Before you start looking for your camera, you should know what you will be doing with your pictures when the photoshoot is over. If you want to have a tangible keepsake of this precious moment, you can do much more than sharing it on your social media accounts—you can use the website photoroost to make a photo book with all of your favourite shots. The website is equipped with user-friendly software that helps you upload digital files from cameras, smartphones, tablets or any other device where you could store these pictures. After uploading all of the files that you want, you can put together your custom photo albums — choosethe layouts, the backgrounds and additional designs so that your photo books are completely personalized. When you are pleased with the finalproduct, place the order and have them delivered to your home in a matter of days.

You should capture the beauty of the season by taking your photoshoot away from the couch and into the great outdoors. Focus on natural settings full of bright colours and lush plant-life like a community garden, an open field or even your own backyard — these backdrops will be a lot more vibrant and spring-like than your living room. If you are searching for more creative inspiration, here is a quick list of activities, themes and ideas for spring photography that you might want to plan for your big family photoshoot:

  • Blowing dandelions
  • Standing under blossoming cherry trees
  • Making flower crowns
  • Posing with bicycles

To take the best pictures for your spring photoshoot, you should follow these simple suggestions for the session. It’s important to plan what to wear for a family portrait ahead of time to suit the overall theme — for a regular spring photoshoot choose clothing in seasonal pastels like green, blue, yellow and pink. The weather can be a little unpredictable during this time of year, so plan for the possibility of showers. As long as you’re not caught in the middle of an intense storm, there are ways to take photos in the rain without ruining your camera, your outfits or the entire photoshoot. Protect your camera from the water by using a professional cover or a plastic bag with a hole cut out for the lens. Everyone can have colourful umbrellas or raincoats to stop themselves from getting soaked — better yet, you could all use the weather as an opportunity to get wet and play in the rain.

As a final tip for your family photoshoot, remember to relax and to try to have a fantastic time. Pictures will reveal the strain or stress behind your smile, so don’t sweat all of the small stuff — when you have a wonderful day, you will be rewarded with printed snapshots that you can cherish forever.

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