Blinking an Eye Is All It Takes: What Are the 6 Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Legalby Mashum Mollah12 July 2019

Truck Accident

So, you’re driving down the road, minding your own business when the vehicle you’re driving is involved in a violent accident involving a tractor-trailer.  This is common today with the busy highways and distracted drivers.  These types of accidents can cause devastating consequences for innocent people.  A tractor-trailer accident could cause serious injuries that result in a lifetime of medical treatment or the loss of life.  Tractor-trailer accidents account for many fatalities on the highway today.

How Do These Accidents Happen?

There are many ways an accident can happen and there are varying degrees of injuries.  Different types of accidents cause more of less severe injuries.  One way an accident happens is because of a rollover.  A rollover is one of the most dangerous accidents because the truck could end up on its side after being completely out of control.  Anyone in the path of a tractor-trailer rollover could be injured in a truck accident.

Cargo Spills And Shifting Cargo:

Another danger a tractor-trailer poses is when the cargo shifts in the truck because of improper loading.  Uneven and poorly loaded trailers will shift as the truck and trailer travel the highway causing instability for the driver to remain in control.

Cargo spills happen when then shifting cargo causes the trailer to roll over.  The falling cargo or the rolling truck can both cause serious injuries to an individual.  Serious injuries could be the loss of a limb, permanent scarring, brain damage, broken bones, and the inability to work for months, years or for the rest of their life.

Underride Accidents:

These types of accidents result in catastrophic damage to an innocent victim.  A car that is stopped on the highway is driven over by a tractor-trailer.  In this type of accident, the vehicle is almost impossible to see.  The occupants of the vehicle that is under the truck rarely survive.  If the truck is at fault, the victim’s families can file a wrongful death lawsuit against whoever is liable for the injuries and receive financial compensation.

Receiving Compensation For Injuries:

Whether a head-on collision or T-bone accident caused the collision, an innocent victim can receive compensation from the negligent party.  The first thing an individual or a family should do if they have been injured in an accident is immediately to contact a truck accident lawyer.  The negligent party can alter or destroy critical evidence.  Evidence can include the driver’s log, the maintenance records for the truck and trailer, and much more.  An experienced attorney will know how to secure the evidence and begin an aggressive negotiation attempt with the negligent party.  A victim can receive compensation for pain, suffering, loss of wages, medical bills, future wages, funeral expenses and much more.

Nothing can ever bring back a loved one who has taken away by the negligent act of a tractor-trailer truck accident.  The surviving family members who relied on the individual for support, love, and guidance can hire an attorney to receive financial compensation for losing their loved one.  If the individual survived the accident and is seriously injured.  They should contact an attorney as quickly as possible so the evidence is preserved, and an investigation can quickly begin.  Victims should not rely on the police to gather all the evidence and determine who is at fault.

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