Comparing Studio Premium vs. Studio Twin Share: Melbourne’s Student Accommodations

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Melbourne, a vibrant city known for its eclectic mix of arts, culture, and education, is a beacon for students worldwide. Amidst its bustling lanes and serene parks, the city also hosts an array of educational institutions, making it a prime destination for learners

As these students embark on their academic journey, one crucial decision remains – choosing the right accommodation. This article delves into the nuances of two popular options: Studio Premium and Studio Twin Share apartments, providing an essential guide for those seeking their home away from home in Melbourne. If you want to get some of the best and most unique experiences, please book Melbourne university accommodation here.

1. Space And Privacy:

Studio Premium apartments offer a significant advantage in terms of space. These units typically provide a more expansive area, allowing students to create a personalized living and study environment. Privacy is another key feature, with these apartments often catering to those who prefer a solitary living arrangement, free from the distractions that can come with shared spaces.

2. Cost Implications:

On the flip side, Studio Twin Share apartments are more budget-friendly. Students can significantly reduce their rental expenses by sharing the living space with a roommate. This affordability factor is a crucial consideration for many, especially for those who are financially independent or on a tight budget.

3. Social Interaction:

Living in a Studio Twin Share apartment inherently encourages social interaction. Sharing a space with a peer can lead to the development of lifelong friendships, providing a support system that is invaluable for students far from home. This setup can be particularly beneficial for international students seeking to immerse themselves in new cultures and social circles.

4. Amenities And Facilities:

Both types of studios often come with a range of amenities. However, Studio Premium apartments might boast more upscale features, such as modern kitchenettes, high-end appliances, and sometimes even in-unit laundry facilities. In contrast, Studio Twin Share apartments, while still equipped with necessary amenities, might offer more basic facilities.

5. Location And Accessibility:

Both studio options are typically located near universities and essential services, yet their locations might vary slightly. Studio Premium apartments are often found in more exclusive areas or newer buildings. At the same time, Studio Twin Share accommodations might be situated in more vibrant, bustling neighborhoods, offering a different lifestyle experience.

6. Independence Vs. Shared Responsibilities:

Opting for a Studio Premium apartment allows complete independence, giving students full control over their living environment. This includes sole responsibility for maintenance and cleanliness. In contrast, Studio Twin Share requires cooperation in maintaining the shared space, which can be a valuable lesson in teamwork and cohabitation.

7. Suitability For Different Lifestyles:

The choice between these two accommodation types often concerns personal lifestyle preferences. Studio Premium is ideal for those who value solitude and have a higher budget. At the same time, Studio Twin Share suits those who enjoy companionship, are open to sharing responsibilities, and are more budget-conscious.


Both Studio Premium and Studio Twin Share apartments in Melbourne offer unique benefits to students. The decision hinges on individual preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Studio Premium is an excellent choice for those who cherish privacy and can afford a higher rent. Conversely, Studio Twin Share is an ideal option for students looking to save costs and enjoy the company of others. Regardless of the choice, both types of accommodations promise a comfortable and conducive environment for students to thrive in their academic pursuits in the heart of Melbourne.

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